What is Love?

Written by Frederick Riley

Now many confuse love with admiration and most commonly sexual lust, now daysrepparttar younger generation driven by their wild hormones more often than not confuse their sexual desires with love, even some ofrepparttar 146787 older generation fall intorepparttar 146788 same trap, I suppose everyone at some stage orrepparttar 146789 other confuses love for what it actually is.

There is only one place inrepparttar 146790 world where you will actually find out what love is and that is inrepparttar 146791 the word of God,repparttar 146792 bible.

Lets have a look at what love really is.

Taken fromrepparttar 146793 message bible

1Co 13:4 -7 Love never gives up. Love cares more for others than for self.

Love doesn't want what it doesn't have. Love doesn't strut, Doesn't have a swelled head,

Doesn't force itself on others, Isn't always "me first," Doesn't fly offrepparttar 146794 handle,

Doesn't keep score ofrepparttar 146795 sins of others,

Doesn't revel when others grovel, Takes pleasure inrepparttar 146796 flowering of truth, Puts up with anything, Trusts God always, Always looks forrepparttar 146797 best, Never looks back, But keeps going torepparttar 146798 end.

Can there be a more clearer explanation of love than that!

The bible contains many insights into love but none more striking thanrepparttar 146799 love of Jesus Christ for us, so deeply did he love us that he died for us, so deeply does God love us that he gave his only son for us to be beaten shattered and torn. would any father inrepparttar 146800 world stand by and allow this to happen to one child so thatrepparttar 146801 others may live? I thank God that he loves us so much.

Recovering In The Water

Written by Michelle Jacobson

It was inrepparttar middle ofrepparttar 146746 night andrepparttar 146747 boat was being tossed inrepparttar 146748 wind. The crew was stressed...

As if that wasn't enough, they were shocked to see someone actually walking onrepparttar 146749 water throughrepparttar 146750 wind, rain, and waves. In Matthew 14 we're told of howrepparttar 146751 crew was panicking. At first they thought thatrepparttar 146752 man was a spirit and they cried out in fear.

The Challenge

The man walking throughrepparttar 146753 storm told them to cheer up and have courage. He told them that "it is I" and not to be afraid.

Some of them had to have known His voice.

Peter answeredrepparttar 146754 man walking onrepparttar 146755 water. He said, "If that is you, tell me to come out to you."

Jesus did. He said, "Come".

Peter got down out ofrepparttar 146756 boat to go to Jesus as he was told.

Really look at this. We are told in verse twenty-nine that "…And when Peter was come down out ofrepparttar 146757 ship…"

Preparing Forrepparttar 146758 Miracle

Evidently it took some time for that to happen. The testimony doesn't say how long it took or how Peter got down, but it does say that before he could walk onrepparttar 146759 water to Jesus he had to do it

Afterrepparttar 146760 time spent getting ready forrepparttar 146761 miracle, Peter began to walk onrepparttar 146762 water to Jesus!

But there was even some more time spent getting torepparttar 146763 goal. Peter took his eyes off of Jesus. Peter sawrepparttar 146764 how windy it was. He was afraid.

The fear he felt wasrepparttar 146765 hook that made him start to sink.

Fear isrepparttar 146766 opposite faith. No one pleases God without faith (Hebrews 11:6).

As Peter found out, fear is ofrepparttar 146767 enemy. He went from walking onrepparttar 146768 water to a man starting to sink.

We're told that he began to cry and said, "Lord, save me" to Jesus.

Watchingrepparttar 146769 Physical Realm

How often do you and I see what's around us inrepparttar 146770 physical realm, get afraid, and start to sink?

It's good news for us is in Matthew 14:31 that immediately upon Peter asking for help Jesus stretched forth his hand and caught him. He commented onrepparttar 146771 doubt andrepparttar 146772 little amount of faith that Peter had atrepparttar 146773 time.

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