What is Google Pagerank?

Written by Herb and Monica Leibacher

PageRank is one ofrepparttar factors that Google uses to evaluate your web site and determine its position inrepparttar 138974 Google search engine results. PageRank is a number from 0 to 10.

Generally, if your web site has a higher PageRank, it will appear earlier in Google search results pages, all other factors being equal. In fact, you can see a significant improvement in where your pages appear in search engine results when your PageRank increases.

How do you find your PageRank? Installrepparttar 138975 Google Toolbar. You can get it for free at this link:


After you installrepparttar 138976 toolbar, you will seerepparttar 138977 PageRank inrepparttar 138978 middle ofrepparttar 138979 toolbar. It may have a small green bar. Hold your mouse overrepparttar 138980 green bar to seerepparttar 138981 Google PageRank forrepparttar 138982 site you are viewing.

So how does Google determine your PageRank?

Why is SEO so important to your site?

Written by Shawna Fennell

 You have heardrepparttar phrase LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. But wait, this is online! You don't have to worry about location...or do you??!! Location is everything! Let's take a moment to really think about this. You need to find something. What do you do? Most people will go to their favorite search engine and input what they are searching for. They will type in a few words that describe what they are looking for.  The Search Engines come back withrepparttar 138934 most relevant websites for your search. However, your search for a keyword can result in thousands of links (if not millions).

  So now you beginrepparttar 138935 task of clicking one by one on these links to findrepparttar 138936 information or service you need. You may go through page one to find what you are searching for, you may go through all of page two, but did you get to the website on page 10? If you are shaking your head No (who has that kind of time?) then you have realized how important LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION is to your website. We need to get your site located onrepparttar 138937 first page.

The quick and easy answer to this problem is of course PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising such as Google Adwords or Overture). But this is notrepparttar 138938 smartest way to solve your problem andrepparttar 138939 cost can put my small business owners of out business. We have found that most website owners state their largest expense is advertising. Imagine if you could cut your advertising in half! Imaging if you could eliminate your advertising cost all together and still achieverepparttar 138940 same sales (if not more)!

  Search Engine Optimization for your site isrepparttar 138941 answer.  

Everyone wants to be listed inrepparttar 138942 number 1 spot. But most companies do not get listed under any of their keywords because they do not know how to implement search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is really not as hard as it sounds and most will find that once they understand how it works, it is actually quite simple.

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