What is Golf Exercise Equipment…And How Can It Help

Written by Mike Pedersen

Golf exercise equipment can be a variety of pieces; but what truly is golf exercise equipment?

You’d be surprised to find out it is not expensive; and is not necessarily in a gym or health club either.

Yes…there are golf “machines” for stretching and strength building that are well over one thousand dollars, but are definitely not needed.

When you think ofrepparttar golf swing, it’s a dynamic movement completed in space with your ‘whole’ body. So any kind of training or golf exercise equipment should be able to accommodate this.

For starters, a pair of hand weights (dumbbells) are inexpensive, portable and can be used for dozens of golf-specific exercises. They don’t have to be heavy or cumbersome. You’d be surprised what a 5 to 8 pound pair of dumbbells can accomplish withrepparttar 142668 right golf exercises.

Next onrepparttar 142669 list of golf exercise equipment is tubing. You may have seen it in articles, onrepparttar 142670 television or in a catalog. Exercise tubing is extremely portable, very inexpensive and also can be used to mimic many phases ofrepparttar 142671 golf swing, but with resistance.

I personally use exercise tubing in all of my programs, with all of my personal clients and in my own golf workouts. It can give you one heck of a workout if you haverepparttar 142672 right resistance. These bands come in varying tensions from light to extra heavy.

Online Golf Instructions Are Cheap But Effective

Written by Mike Pedersen

The number of online golf instruction programs onrepparttar net has grown tremendously in recent times. And yet they still continue to grow in leaps and bounds.

One ofrepparttar 142552 reasons for this phenomenal growth is that many of these online golf instructions have had very positive effects and helped many golfers improve their handicap.

You have to understand that one ofrepparttar 142553 wonderful things thatrepparttar 142554 World Wide Web has done is make a wide range of consultancy and training programs more affordable to many.

Golf is no exception and online golf instruction programs have proved to be very affordable when compared to offline equivalents.

For examplerepparttar 142555 cost of personal instructions onrepparttar 142556 course is way beyondrepparttar 142557 means of many. But whenrepparttar 142558 same instructions are delivered via online golf instructions,repparttar 142559 cost is reduced substantially.

In some case this valuable online golf instruction are even offered free. Actually there are plenty of free online golf instruction websites available. All that one needs to do is be careful about gaugingrepparttar 142560 quality of golf instruction contained in them.

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