What is Froogle?

Written by Jakob Jelling

By Jakob Jelling www.sitetube.com

Keeping in touch with other sites like Amazon.com, Buy.com and Yahoo.com, Google created a new shopping search tool called “Froogle”. It has been called one ofrepparttar most innovative price conscious tools onrepparttar 128285 Internet. Usingrepparttar 128286 same technologies of Google.com, Froogle employs direct data received from merchants and through web crawls alone. Depending onrepparttar 128287 successes ofrepparttar 128288 beta testing phase will provide adequate information as to whether Google continues with Froogle.

Housing over 15 different products and categories ranging anywhere from electronics, computers, food and gourmet, health care products, books, music and video, sports & outdoor equipment as well as toys and games,repparttar 128289 list will only continue to grow inrepparttar 128290 coming months. Its searching capabilities mirror its mother page; it can be found at froogle.google.com and items can be found either in their product categories or by a dynamic keyword search. The results published are limited to one item per store. Every item appears with a thumbnail attached as well as a detailed product description, which includes price. Google doesn’t bias any website and often you will find products that exist on Amazon and Yahoo. This approach mirrorsrepparttar 128291 Google philosophy of less details, more products.

Linking for Traffic not Positioning!

Written by Jason Hulott

With more and more experts and search engine enthusiasts claimingrepparttar right way andrepparttar 128284 wrong way to handle link swapping, link exchanging or reciprocal linking!

You can tell something is important when there is more than one name for it! GRIN!

There are also two schools of thought onrepparttar 128285 reasons link swapping.

The first reason for link swapping has always been to carry favour with Search engine rankings. Have a good site with lots of links and this is seen as a good thing and therefore Search Engines will rank you higher.

Sadly, like all things in life, this system can be abused and taken torepparttar 128286 extreme. Sites are buying in hundreds if not thousands of links trying to "boost" their ranking artificially. This is fine inrepparttar 128287 short term but we are starting to see a fundamental shift in Search Engine algorhythms.

My last article of link swapping , If Content is King, then surely relevance is Queen! explains my personal view of relevant linking which is still follow.

There is now a second and perhaps more disturbing reason for swapping links.

To build a useful link resource or directory for your visitors.

With working with similar themed sites, swap links to build a directory service which can share and drive traffic to sites within it. Some have even claimed this can drive more traffic that a Search engine ranking.

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