What is Failure Anyway?

Written by Nan S. Russell

Does it surprise you that only 400 cokes were soldrepparttar first year; Albert Einstein's Ph.D. dissertation was rejected; Henry Ford had two bankruptcies before his famous success; or Ulysses S. Grant was working as a handyman, written off as a failure, eight years before becoming President ofrepparttar 143952 United States?

Rodin couldn't get into art school on three occasions yet became a great sculptor; Abraham Lincoln lost seven elections before winningrepparttar 143953 Presidency; Babe Ruth stuck out 1,330 times in route to hitting 714 home runs; and Oprah Winfrey publicly failed several diet attempts before becoming an inspiration for looking great after fifty.

Setbacks, disappoints, rejections and unsuccessful attempts were not failures to these people. They were steps to their success. That'srepparttar 143954 difference between people who are winning at working and people who aren't. How you deal with your setbacks (big or small) will determine your results. You see, failure is notrepparttar 143955 lack of success. Failure is staying down when you trip or stumble. It's giving up, checking out, or shutting down.

I wasn't a failure when I was fired from my first professional job, although for awhile I felt like one, and I could have been if I'd lost my confidence and given up on my career aspirations. I wasn't a failure when I was passed over for a coveted promotion I'd worked years for, but I could have been if I'd let that setback determine my future. And I wasn't a failure every time I pitched an idea that got turned down, but I could have been if I'd stopped pitching ideas.


Written by Sue Donnelly

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- by (Top UK Image Consultant) Sue Donnelly

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Aging. It's an inevitable fact of life. But just because you might be getting a little bit older and wiser it doesn't mean you can't look as vibrant and youthful as you feel. There is a way to grow old gracefully while holding backrepparttar 143913 tell-tale signs of aging.

1. Do you still wear clothes that you looked good in when you were younger and possibly slimmer?

Yes [] No [] 2. Has your hairstyle remainedrepparttar 143914 same forrepparttar 143915 last 5 years?

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