What is Evil Eye?

Written by Sam Stevens

The Evil Eye has been around sincerepparttar beginning of time. It simply means sending someone a thought that seems intrusive or invasive or hasrepparttar 122089 power to hurt him or her. The bad fortune that results is considered to have been caused by envy. The evil eye is not necessarily considered to be intentional or associated with witchcraft or sorcery. Oddly enough, this thought form could actually be complimentary in nature. The origins ofrepparttar 122090 Evil Eye are Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean. The concept was introduced intorepparttar 122091 Americas, South Pacific Islands, Asia, Africa and Australia by European explorers. Sending someonerepparttar 122092 evil eye comes fromrepparttar 122093 concept that we all have a Third Eye, located inrepparttar 122094 center of our forehead. Blinding, fogging or obscuringrepparttar 122095 third eye is oftenrepparttar 122096 intent ofrepparttar 122097 energy’s sender. Most of us have experiencedrepparttar 122098 weird power ofrepparttar 122099 phenomenon. All it takes is a gaze that seems to be unfriendly, indifferent or blank and seems to a couple of seconds too long. We think about it for a few minutes afterwards or perhaps an image ofrepparttar 122100 person staring at us preoccupies our thoughts occasionally forrepparttar 122101 rest ofrepparttar 122102 day. Perhaps that is whyrepparttar 122103 British and Scottish term forrepparttar 122104 “evil eye” is “overlooking.” It implies that a gaze has remained too long uponrepparttar 122105 coveted object, person or animal. The evil eye is also known asrepparttar 122106 envious or invidious eye. In Italian it is calledrepparttar 122107 malocchio and in Spanishrepparttar 122108 malojo (loosely translated asrepparttar 122109 bad eye) The evil eye is known as ayin horeh in Hebrew; ayin harsha in Arabic, droch shuil in Scotland, mauvais oeil in France, bösen Blick in Germany, and was known as oculus malus amongrepparttar 122110 classical Romans. The original belief is that any person can harm your children, livestock, fruit trees or any other evidence of prosperity just by looking atrepparttar 122111 spoils of all your good will and hard work with envy. Ironically,repparttar 122112 curse ofrepparttar 122113 evil eye is thought to be provoked by inappropriate displays of spiritual pride or excessive beauty. There is a theory that very famous people and celebrities suffer more personal misfortune than others simply because they are subjected to more “overlooking” and envy than others. This superstition might have some grounding in evolutionary psychology as usually one animal is thought to dominate or be aggressive to another simply by staring at it for too long. Psychologically speaking, staring or glaring at someone is officially considered an intrusion into your affairs. Apparently, there is a fine line between casting a glance to casting a spell. In these post Celestine Prophecy times, this kind of stare could be compared to a kind of etheric laser beam or amoebic arm that rips open your aura. Others would describerepparttar 122114 infliction ofrepparttar 122115 evil eye asrepparttar 122116 projection of an image (such asrepparttar 122117 image ofrepparttar 122118 person you have offended or hurt) so that you see only that torepparttar 122119 exclusion of all other sight. In other words, you see that person wherever you go or feel that your life’s events are always colored by your dealing with that person. Another symptom isrepparttar 122120 inability to proceed with ordinary, daily events without feeling somehow compelled to make things right withrepparttar 122121 person you have often unknowingly offended with your grandiosity. It is common folklore thatrepparttar 122122 evil eye has a dehydrating effect on its victim. It is thought to cause vomiting, diarrhea,repparttar 122123 drying up ofrepparttar 122124 milk of nursing mothers and livestock, problems withrepparttar 122125 blood, eyesight lack of rain,repparttar 122126 drying up of wells,repparttar 122127 withering of fruit and impotence in men. Clumsiness, stomachaches, dry coughs, diarrhea, itching, hair loss, dry skin are all thought to be physical symptoms of an evil eye attack e. Onrepparttar 122128 astral level it is thought to causerepparttar 122129 drying up of prana, chi, life force andrepparttar 122130 easy flow of prosperity in life. Part of this image might derive fromrepparttar 122131 idea also, of muddy, murky or poisoned vision that is somehow attached torepparttar 122132 victim’s third eye. Almost everywhere thatrepparttar 122133 evil eye belief exists, it is said to be caused accidentally by envy or praise. Thusrepparttar 122134 phrase “Pride Goeth Before a Fall” In certain Mediterranean and eastern cultures, one is careful not to praise a child too much, lest it inviterepparttar 122135 subconscious balancing effect ofrepparttar 122136 evil eye. A classic situation would berepparttar 122137 barren woman who praisesrepparttar 122138 newborn baby of a new child. Such praise would be considered inappropriate and thought to bringrepparttar 122139 evil child. One ofrepparttar 122140 remedies for this would be forrepparttar 122141 mother to spit, to symbolically “rehydrate”repparttar 122142 situation. Also, she may speak ill ofrepparttar 122143 child OT counteractrepparttar 122144 effects ofrepparttar 122145 praise, which might have malefic effects onrepparttar 122146 child later. The belief that individuals haverepparttar 122147 power to castrepparttar 122148 evil eye on purpose is more idiosyncratic to Sicily and Southern Italy, althoughrepparttar 122149 belief has certainly spread elsewhere – torepparttar 122150 Southern United States andrepparttar 122151 Latin Americas. Such people are known as jettatore (projectors). They are not necessarily considered evil or envious, just born with an unfortunate embarrassing talent that causes others to avoid them. In ancient cultures, if you were thought to berepparttar 122152 possessor of an evil eye, you were often negated byrepparttar 122153 rest of society and went unrecognized onrepparttar 122154 street without meeting anyone’s eyes.

Spiritual Awakening

Written by Sam Stevens

As we proceed further intorepparttar 21st century there is even more of a feeling that humanity as a whole is hearing "a calling". Most ofrepparttar 122088 clients inrepparttar 122089 realm that talk about this describe it as an "awakening" or experiencing an "enlightenment" or a "need for transformation." For some this process, a spiritual awakening is a gentle process develops as a consequence of many years of seeking, and researching practices having to do with self-development. This isrepparttar 122090 type of seeker who wantsrepparttar 122091 spiritual awakening and seeks outrepparttar 122092 guidance of a teacher or to help them prepare themselves emotionally and physically for their spiritual awakening. However, I have noticed that no matter how trained an individual nobody is ever ready for what Eastern religions callrepparttar 122093 awakening ofrepparttar 122094 Kundalini energy. The sad truth is most spiritual awakenings are quite rude: what some of us call a "wake up call." True enlightenment is usually preceded by some kind of life loss or tragedy that kick startsrepparttar 122095 awakening of consciousness. A common catalyst is intense physical or emotional distress. As people confrontrepparttar 122096 limits of their endurance and come face to face with death or loss, they will often move into altered or transcendental states of consciousness as they ask God or a higher power for help. Natural disasters, near-death experiences or life transitions such as midlife crisis, addiction or separation can be blessings in disguise that lead to a blossoming of spiritual awareness. It is thought that practices such as yoga, bioenergetics, polarity work or breathwork can cause a natural awakening of Kundalini energy. Kundalini isrepparttar 122097 Hindu word forrepparttar 122098 sacred, transformative energy that awakens consciousness. According to Eastern esoteric literature, this energy is coiled, like a snake atrepparttar 122099 base ofrepparttar 122100 spine and when stimulated it streams or coils up throughrepparttar 122101 body's energy centers (chakras). The awakening ofrepparttar 122102 kundalini is almost always associated with a spiritual crisis. Typicallyrepparttar 122103 person may feel overwhelmed, bewildered, disassociated, frightened vulnerable, fragmented, fearful, confused, disoriented and overcome by too much information. This can berepparttar 122104 first sign that you are about to be blessed with a spiritual awakening, although many may feel it more like a "curse'. Some ofrepparttar 122105 symptoms you might experience during a spiritual awakening are: Involuntary jerking movements ofrepparttar 122106 body including vibrations, spasm, shaking and contractions: Asrepparttar 122107 Kundalini energy moves fromrepparttar 122108 base ofrepparttar 122109 spine and up throughrepparttar 122110 body, it clears deeply held blockages and while this is happeningrepparttar 122111 person may experience emotions and memories from injuries and traumas suffered inrepparttar 122112 past. The Hindus call this “pranic” movement.

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