What is EEPROM ?

Written by Jestine Yong

EEPROM stands for Electrical Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory and also referred to as E²PROM. Asrepparttar name suggest, an EEPROM can be both erased and programmed with electrical pulses. Since it can be both electrically written into and electrically erased,repparttar 138984 EEPROM can be rapidly programmed and erased in circuit for reprogramming without removing them fromrepparttar 138985 circuit board.

EEPROM is also called a non-volatile memory because when power is turned offrepparttar 138986 stored data inrepparttar 138987 EEPROM will not be erased or intact. New EEPROM have no data in it and usually have to program with a programmer before it can be use. Information stored in this type of memory can be retained for many years without a steady power supply.

What isrepparttar 138988 function of EEPROM? EEPROMs are used to store user programmable information such as: -

• VCR programming information • CD programming information • Digital satellite receiver control data • User information on various consumer products

EEPROM in monitor performs two functions: -

• When a monitor is switch on it will copies all data or information fromrepparttar 138989 EEPROM torepparttar 138990 microprocessor. For example,repparttar 138991 EEPROM will letrepparttar 138992 microprocessor knowrepparttar 138993 frequencies at whichrepparttar 138994 monitor is going to operate.

• The EEPROM is used to storerepparttar 138995 current settings ofrepparttar 138996 monitor. The settings ofrepparttar 138997 monitor will not be erased even whenrepparttar 138998 monitor is turned off. Anytime a change is made inrepparttar 138999 monitor settings,repparttar 139000 microprocessor updatesrepparttar 139001 setting inrepparttar 139002 EEPROM. Whenrepparttar 139003 monitor is turn on again,repparttar 139004 stored settings are used to set uprepparttar 139005 monitor for operation.

Electronic Books and Magazine can be among your cost effective servicing tools

Written by Jestine Yong

Electronic servicing is, as they say, a “growth industry”. With many new electronic products and equipments reachingrepparttar market, there is a large demand for electronic repair technicians. However, withrepparttar 138983 growing complexity inrepparttar 138984 electronic service business, electronic technicians are facing countless obstacles. They must keep abreast of each new development inrepparttar 138985 industry to emerge as a competitive and valued service provider. Besides attendingrepparttar 138986 manufacturers’ service workshop, they must be well informed by reading magazines and books on electronic servicing.

Electronic Books and Magazine can be among your most cost-effective servicing “tools”. A few dollars spent onrepparttar 138987 right book or magazine can earn you hundreds of dollars. It opens up a whole new world of never ending knowledge. Always be onrepparttar 138988 lookout for good books and magazines. Set aside one hour a day to read these books and magazines. This can help to keep you abreast of new developments. Additionally, these books and magazine will assist you to be a more efficient electronic technician.

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