What is Domain Name Backordering? Watch Out For This One!

Written by Martin Lemieux

What is Domain Name Backordering? Watch Out For This One! By: Martin Lemieux

Domain names arerepparttar hottest net-real-estate onrepparttar 147199 internet. It's no wonder services like: "Domain Name Backordering" is available torepparttar 147200 public. Can someone really backorder your domain right from underneath you? Guess again...

So what is Domain Name Backordering?

This is a service that allows anybody onrepparttar 147201 internet to reserve a domain name if and when it goes up for sale! This doesn't seem harmful does it? Guess again...

Companies all overrepparttar 147202 internet are ordering this service for website url's that seem to be popular! What if by chance you just happen to forget to re-order your domain name? Let's say that you go on vacation and neglect to check your emails that are now telling you to renew your domain name? In this case, another company onrepparttar 147203 other side ofrepparttar 147204 planet seesrepparttar 147205 fact that your domain name is soon up for grabs, so they order a backorder on your domain name and simply wait to see what you do with it.

So here you are coming back from a very long vacation and what is this? Someone else now owns your domain name because you simply neglected your duty to keep your net-real-estate up-to-date!

Unless you own a Canadian domain name protected byrepparttar 147206 CIRA, or you have a trademark on your domain name or business name, you are "really" out of luck. Once you are at this point, it may take months before you can prove torepparttar 147207 courts that you simply forgot to renew your website address.

Selection A Domain Name That Clicks!

Written by BB Lee

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Selecting A Domain Name That Clicks! by BB Lee (C)2005 mailto:smallbizbits@yahoo.com

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After makingrepparttar 146310 decision to joinrepparttar 146311 World Wide Web Business Community. Another important step awaits your attention.

You will certainly want to select a Domain Name for your business.

That's right! Your very own Domain Name for your online business.

Selectingrepparttar 146312 right domain name is often a hard task for many new online business owners.

They want a catchy name that will get attention plus deliver repparttar 146313 paying customers to their website. Unfortunately, many online business owners insist onrepparttar 146314 wrong name. One that is not only improper for their business but also might give potential customersrepparttar 146315 wrong impression.

I've heard of quite a few online business owners naming their new business after a family pet, a child, or significant other. Not necessarily in that order! But, alas, that "catchy" name might make it difficult for potential customers to find your website or you might attract repparttar 146316 wrong crowd.

And speaking onrepparttar 146317 wrong crowd... "I guess you've heardrepparttar 146318 joke aboutrepparttar 146319 elderly woman who hooked impressive rugs for a living and decided to start a website called hookers.com. Well, she received many hits to her website from many disappointed lecherous male surfers, sorepparttar 146320 story goes."

Before decidingrepparttar 146321 proper Domain Name let's cover a few basics:

What's A Domain Name? In basic terms a domain name is your business name onrepparttar 146322 World Wide Web. This is how customers will find your website. The domain will show your location and whether your website is commercial (com) organizational (org) educational(edu) governmental(gov) or any one of several other suffixes.

How Might A Domain Reflect Your Business? If you repair cars, your domain might be: -www.autorepairs.com -www.Qualityautorepairs.com

If you design websites a good domain might be: -www.Qualitywebdesigners.com -www.cheapwebdesigns.com

If you sell house plants a good domain name might be: www.houseplantsforyou.com www.houseplants.com

If you repair computers a good domain name might be: www.computerservice.com www.computer-repair.com

By reflecting exactly what your business concerns it will be easier for potential customers to find your website even if they don't knowrepparttar 146323 exact URL (Universal Resource Locator) They might simply go to a search engine like Google.com and typerepparttar 146324 kind of business they are looking for. Suppose you own a home based computer repair service onrepparttar 146325 Internet. A potential customer types "computer repair" on google...and up pops your website! They visit your website. Contact you about your repair services. Cool...huh?

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