What is Corked Wine?

Written by Neil Best

Keeping a wine bottle sealed is probablyrepparttar most important factor when it comes to maintaining a good wine.

A cork is essential, as it keeps oxygen out ofrepparttar 150142 wine bottle. If a bottle of wine is not airtight then it may become oxidized and undrinkable

Traditionally,repparttar 150143 only corks worth considering were those actually made of cork. Recently, however, many wine experts have recognized that cork may actually cause more problems than it solves.

Cork, due to its malleable nature may have imperfections; these can result inrepparttar 150144 seal ofrepparttar 150145 bottle not being as airtight as it could be andrepparttar 150146 wine being spoilt. In an attempt to avoid this problem, modern cork manufacturers may treatrepparttar 150147 cork with a chemical called TVA. Unfortunately, this chemical can causerepparttar 150148 wine to taste and smell a little damp and musty.

Having said this, cork is able to expand to fully fillrepparttar 150149 neck ofrepparttar 150150 bottle, which therefore, still makes itrepparttar 150151 preferred option for special wines that need to be stored, over a long period of time.

Plastic corks are becoming increasing popular, of late. One ofrepparttar 150152 main problems associated with traditional corks is thatrepparttar 150153 wine becomes 'corked'. Plastic corks prevent this occurring. Great! I hear you say. However, there can be minor irritations with plastic corks. A plastic cork can sometimes be difficult to extract fromrepparttar 150154 bottle and virtually impossible to fit back into a half drunk bottle.

Another recent development isrepparttar 150155 widespread use of screw-top bottles. Until recently, this type of seal was used for onlyrepparttar 150156 cheapest of wines. Wine producers acrossrepparttar 150157 globe are now recognizingrepparttar 150158 benefits that screw tops provide. This type of seal ensures that wine is kept fresh; there is no chance ofrepparttar 150159 wine becoming 'corked' andrepparttar 150160 bottle can be easily resealed. In reality,repparttar 150161 only reason that screw tops are not more popular is because ofrepparttar 150162 ingrained snobbery associated with this method of sealing a bottle.

Swordfish, how to buy, store, cook and enjoy it.

Written by Ruth Polak

Swordfish belongs torepparttar group of fish that have recently become more appreciated for their contribution of omega-3 essential oils torepparttar 149960 diet. These fats, which have to be provided byrepparttar 149961 diet, have now been shown to have a host of health giving benefits including combatting rheumatoid arthritis, heart attacks, high blood pressure, clogged arteries, psoriasis, asthma, inflammatory bowel disease, multilple sclerosis and even mirgraine headaches. Doctors and nutritionists now recommend three portions of fatty fish per week to getrepparttar 149962 full health giving benefits. Other fish which are also beneficial include, tuna, salmon, mackeral, sardines and boquerones. Swordfish is found in bothrepparttar 149963 Atlantic Ocean andrepparttar 149964 Mediterranean Sea and forms quite a large part ofrepparttar 149965 Mediterranean Diet, which is said to be so healthful.

Swordfish- Buying and Storing. When buying swordfish pick fish that is a white to pinkish-beige, if it is tinged with brown it is a sign of an off flavour.Swordfish does have a dark meat, along withrepparttar 149966 white, but this should be cherry red not brown.

As with all fish it is best eaten onrepparttar 149967 day of purchase but if you need to store it then first wash and pat it dry before placing on a cake rack over a shallow pan filled with crushed ice and refrigerate. All fish deteriorates if allowed to sit in its' own juice.It will store well like this for up tp 2 days. Swordfish can be frozen for up to 2 months but be sure to defrost slowly and thoroughly before cooking.

Swordfish- Preparation and Cooking. The secret to successful swordfish cookery is not to overcook it.Whichever cooking method you use your swordfish will be cooked when its flesh becomes opaque yet is still moist onrepparttar 149968 inside. It is best to cook skinless fillets, steaks or chunks asrepparttar 149969 skin is tough and strong tasting.

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