What is Adware and Spyware?

Written by Scott Brown

So you've heard of Adware, maybe even been a victim of spyware, but what is it exactly? Adware and Spyware is software which delivers ads via pop-up windows or a bar that appears onrepparttar computer screen. This is achieved by monitoringrepparttar 147475 users browsing activities and invading your privacy with pop-ups. Adware can include code that tracks a userís personal information and pass it onto third parties withoutrepparttar 147476 authorization or knowledge.

How does ADWARE/SPYWARE effect internet users ? These malicious components invade your PC and can be very difficult to remove, as well as causing your PC performance to drop significantly.

Various Symptoms - Sites adding icons to your desktop - Sites adding themselves to your internet favourites list

Capturing analogue to digital video

Written by Scott Brown

You may have and old analogue camcorder or perhaps and old video deck and you fancy putting your old home movies onto DVD format.

Well there are a number of ways to do this depending on your budget:

TV and Graphics Cards The cheapest way to convert analogue footage to digital may be to get yourself a Tv Capture/Graphics Card, these allow you to connect your VCR or Analogue Camcorder via an S-Video connection andrepparttar audio via your PCs sound card/TV card. A fast PC is required a reasonably fast processor (Pentium 4 ideally) for higher resolution video (anything above 320*240), for example an ATI All-in-one 9600 on a P4 can capture up to 720x480 up to 30 frames per second.

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