What is 'Kundalini'?

Written by Robert Morgen

The Kundalini is a pool of energy that lies dormant atrepparttar base ofrepparttar 122094 spine and which can be and often is, accessed, allowingrepparttar 122095 student/victim to userepparttar 122096 energy for health, spirituality and creating their life as they were meant to live it. It's my belief that many people have had full or even partial awakenings of their kundalini energy and honestly don't recognize it. Many of these people go through life seemingly unaffected, some seek higher spiritual planes and others suffer from epilepsy, schizophrenia or worse. Lately Kundalini has become a fad in certain parts ofrepparttar 122097 metaphysical community and in some ways has becomerepparttar 122098 ultimate New Age ego trip, although I feel that many of those folks are completely missingrepparttar 122099 point. A persons Kundalini can be awakened through an emotional trauma, a near death experience, a sharp blow torepparttar 122100 coccyx or purposefully through meditation and study.

Unconditional Intuition

Written by White Feather

Intuition is neither positive nor negative; neither good nor bad, neither male nor female. It just is. It is unconditional.

Where do we receive intuition? Throughrepparttar solar-plexus mind, and we receive it inrepparttar 122093 form of unconditional feeling-tone vibrations. We receive it as feelings, and we then proceed to come up with a brain story to explain those feelings. It is in this process thatrepparttar 122094 feeling-tone vibrations become fractured and polarized and take on perceptions of duality. (Of course, it is just our perceptions that are polarized.)

The ideal situation would be to letrepparttar 122095 intuition feeling-tone vibrations in, but to leave them as such and not put them throughrepparttar 122096 brain process. The second we judge an intuition it is no longer unconditional and it becomes polarized. The second we doubt an intuition it is no longer unconditional and it becomes polarized. The same with fear. Once we have polarized an intuition we then spend our time trying to categorize those polarities and aligning ourselves with one orrepparttar 122097 other. This keeps us from understandingrepparttar 122098 totality ofrepparttar 122099 intuitive message. We're so busy judging things as either good or bad that we've set up a mental block which prevents us from feelingrepparttar 122100 feeling.

Intuition is feeling! It is not a thought process and it is not a brain process. We process intuition--and all feeling--in our gut, not our heads. The very second we judge (brain) an intuitive feeling as good, even, we have polarized our perception of that intuitive feeling and therefore block ourselves fromrepparttar 122101 full message of that intuitive feeling.

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