What does it take to design and build your own fire pit?

Written by Nicole Martins

There are many alternatives to creating a fire pit other than buying a firepit model that is ready-made and requires some simple assembly. If you are a do-it-yourselfer looking to design and build your own fire pit you don't need a fancy set of blueprints, just a vision ofrepparttar type of pit you are looking to create. What does it take these days to build fire pits for outdoor campfires and barbequing? The answer is not a lot. In terms of cost, building a wood burning pit can cost next to nothing and require no more than a few hours of physical labor (especially if you have materials such as rock or brick on hand) to seerepparttar 146026 fireplace complete. First pick a safe area for your fire pit, away from any structures that can catch fire and definitely out ofrepparttar 146027 way of backyard traffic. Be sure to check with you local fire department for information and codes. You need to know whatrepparttar 146028 rules are before getting started. Getting going will entail quarrying up some fieldstones or brick to linerepparttar 146029 inside dirt walls ofrepparttar 146030 pit once you've dugrepparttar 146031 hole. Not to get ahead of ourselves here, but you will need a good old shovel and some back strength to excavate soil. Position your fieldstone or brick aroundrepparttar 146032 holes perimeter and extend these materials above ground. The purpose of installing these materials is to keep wind down andrepparttar 146033 soil away fromrepparttar 146034 fire.

You can also build a stucco pit above ground or think of other creative ways of building your pit; magazines orrepparttar 146035 internet are a great source for tips and ideas. When considering a design youíll want to keep withrepparttar 146036 look of your home and other existing structures. If you donít have time to dream up design ideas or if you had something more complex in mind, you can order a set of plans online complete with material list, for only a small fee.

Protecting Yourself from Miter Saw Hazards

Written by Kaitlin Carruth

A miter saw, also known as a "chop saw," is a circular saw that is mounted on a frame. It is designed to be portable and to make very accurate angled cuts between 45 and 90 degrees. The compound miter saw can cut at an additional angle in order to cut bevels. Miter saws are predominately used in cutting wood but can also be used to cut plastics and light metals. Like any power tool, it is important to follow some safety rules to protect yourself. The following are some guidelines to keep yourself safe while operating you miter saw:

1) Wear protective gear. Make sure to protect your eyes with safety goggles or safety glasses that currently meetrepparttar national safety standard. Wear a full protective face mask when needed or dust mask for dusty projects (some ofrepparttar 145823 dust from projects can contain harmful chemicals). It is also recommended to wear hearing protection (such as ear plugs) with extended use of a miter saw.

2) Avoid wearing any loose clothing. Do not wear anything that could possibly get inrepparttar 145824 way or fall intorepparttar 145825 path ofrepparttar 145826 saw. This would include loose clothing, jewelry such as earrings, neck ties, gloves, or any dangling object. Remember to tie back long hair.

3) Keep miter saw clean. The miter saw and area aroundrepparttar 145827 miter saw should always be clean and free from debris. Also, inspect material to make sure it is free from nails and any other foreign objects before cutting.

4) Maintain a sharp miter saw blade. Always use a miter saw blade that is sharp and undamaged.

5) Do not over reach. Keep a secure footing and do not over reach. Never attempt to reach aroundrepparttar 145828 miter saw while it is on.

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