What does "bilocation" mean in Remote Viewing?

Written by Jonina (Joni) Dourif

Bilocation is a word that any avid remote viewing researcher will come across and it is also an experience that all remote viewers have had while implementingrepparttar correct Technical Remote ViewingŪ protocols. Remote Viewing is still a fairly young technology, having only been introduced and put into use for twenty years, since 1983. We have had to develop new terms and definitions as this skill grows and becomes more popular to effectively explain how it works and why it works. Bilocation is one of those words that have been given new meaning byrepparttar 122280 science of Technical Remote Viewing and therefore it is often misinterpreted. I am continuing our series of Public Education by explaining what bilocation means in Remote Viewing terms; what it does and how we deal with it. I am presenting this in a Q and A format using actual questions that I am askedrepparttar 122281 most frequently.

Question: 1) I have often seenrepparttar 122282 term "bilocation" used in descriptions of how remote viewing works. What exactly does it mean?

Answer: Inrepparttar 122283 Merriam-Webster Dictionary, it is defined as:

Main Entry: bi·lo·ca·tion Pronunciation: 'bI-lO-"kA-sh&n Function: noun Date: 1858 :repparttar 122284 state of being or ability to be in two places atrepparttar 122285 same time

In PSI TECH's Generation II Remote Viewing training manual,repparttar 122286 Dictionary defines Bilocation as follows:

Bilocation: The required mind state for accurate remote viewing to occur. The remote viewer's attention span is split in half so that half ofrepparttar 122287 viewers conscious and unconscious attention is atrepparttar 122288 target matrix site andrepparttar 122289 other half is withrepparttar 122290 viewer tending to remote viewing structure using pen and paper.

Explanation: In remote viewing terminology bilocation is quite literally being in two places at once. Afterrepparttar 122291 remote viewing protocols are initiated,repparttar 122292 viewer's attention splits. One half ofrepparttar 122293 viewer's conscious and unconscious attention is atrepparttar 122294 target matrix site (orrepparttar 122295 target blueprint inrepparttar 122296 collective unconscious) andrepparttar 122297 other half is withrepparttar 122298 viewers conscious senses tending to remote viewing structure using pen and paper. Bilocation induces a heightened sense of awareness that remote viewers refer to as "a state of high attention." This isrepparttar 122299 optimal mind state to effectrepparttar 122300 remote viewing process.

Some ofrepparttar 122301 physical symptoms of bilocation are:

A) Pausing as if in a daze B) Forgetting what to do next C) Wavingrepparttar 122302 pen inrepparttar 122303 air D)Misspelling words E) A disregard forrepparttar 122304 surrounding activities F) Rhythmic rocking or tapping G) Decreased eye movement and blinking H) Forgetting common words and names I) A Dazed look inrepparttar 122305 eyes J) Decreased body movement. K) A wavering walk

Inrepparttar 122306 beginning ofrepparttar 122307 remote viewing training, one should not try to operate a vehicle until at least 15-20 minutes after ending a remote viewing session.

Question: 2) When in a state of bilocation, should we lose all perceptual contact with our present environment (i.e.repparttar 122308 room we are remote viewing in or even our bodies) and be completely absorbed inrepparttar 122309 target site?

Answer: Only half of your perceptual attention is inrepparttar 122310 room with you (in your body) tending torepparttar 122311 remote viewing structure andrepparttar 122312 other half is (or should be) exploringrepparttar 122313 target matrix site. It feels similar to being engrossed in a very good movie. However, If one half lessens or goes over more than 50%, thenrepparttar 122314 viewer will begin to feel like they are "off target" or likerepparttar 122315 target has become a "real" experience and thenrepparttar 122316 remote viewer is prone to forget to collectrepparttar 122317 data. Remote Viewing is a data collection skill so it is essential to maintain a 50/50 balance while bilocating. That is whyrepparttar 122318 speed (cadence and pace) ofrepparttar 122319 remote viewing structure is so important.

Question: 3) Sometimes I find myself in a daze after performing a session. Is this related to bilocation?

Answer: Yes,repparttar 122320 dazed feeling isrepparttar 122321 hang over effect of bilocation. This feeling is most pronounced duringrepparttar 122322 first few months whilerepparttar 122323 remote viewing training is first being installed andrepparttar 122324 remote viewer is learningrepparttar 122325 protocols. However,repparttar 122326 dazed feeling does dissipate with time. The hang over effect never completely goes away according to our empirical research but it does begin to dissipate more quickly after one becomes accustom torepparttar 122327 remote viewing structure and routine. Getting up, walking around, drinking water and writing your session summary helps to dissipaterepparttar 122328 bilocated state more quickly. I recommend not trying to analyzerepparttar 122329 remote viewing data until at least 20-30 minutes after ending a remote viewing session.

Question: 4) How do we effectively manage our attention to be focused atrepparttar 122330 target site, while another part of our attention remains attending torepparttar 122331 remote viewing structure?

Answer: We have found that our Remote Viewing protocols inducerepparttar 122332 perfect state of bilocation. PSI TECH's remote viewing protocols are a standardized system thatrepparttar 122333 participant (orrepparttar 122334 viewer) must progress through in a rhythmic type of cadence and speed, going from decodingrepparttar 122335 ideogram in stage 1 torepparttar 122336 stage 2 sensory data and thenrepparttar 122337 kinesthetic contact ofrepparttar 122338 Stage 3 sketch. Stage 4 is like our "tool box" where we collect and sort more abstract type data; allrepparttar 122339 while dealing with imagination and personal feelings according torepparttar 122340 way our standardized remote viewing structure dictates. It's a perfect system.

Saints or Charlatans

Written by Skye Thomas

What'srepparttar difference? How are we supposed to tellrepparttar 122279 difference betweenrepparttar 122280 real healers and those who are selling snake oil? It's a big seller to claim that your work is divinely inspired. Even better, tell them you've gazed intorepparttar 122281 eyes of God and come back to tellrepparttar 122282 tales. Tell them that in Irelandrepparttar 122283 wee folk are still spotted on occasion. It's far off and exotic. They'll believe you. Oh, how we love such tales. Those who have never touchedrepparttar 122284 magic will always hunger for stories to tell them what it's like. How do you know who's stories to believe and who's just spinning yarns?

The answer lies in howrepparttar 122285 divine has affected them. Everyone who truly experiencesrepparttar 122286 sacred is changed forever. Forrepparttar 122287 sake of peace I'll not argue over whether it's God or Buddha or Mohamed or angels or fairies or Mother Nature orrepparttar 122288 Light or whatever name you give that source of divinity. Forrepparttar 122289 sake of my poor fingers typing, I'll shortenrepparttar 122290 concept to Heaven and I don't mean pearly gates and streets of gold. I meanrepparttar 122291 truly divine force behind life, creativity, and magic itself. Everyone who has ever had a real one on one relationship with Heaven has come back with what I callrepparttar 122292 Joan of Arc Complex. It's that saverepparttar 122293 world, helprepparttar 122294 needy, healrepparttar 122295 sick, clean uprepparttar 122296 pollution, free Tibet type mentality.

It has nothing whatsoever to do with any one religion either. Mother Theresa had it. Gandhi had it. Einstein had it. Jesus had it. Buddha had it. The Dali Lama has it. Many of you reading this have it. It's not about being famous or important although that does sometimes occur as a result. None of these people care about being famous or acquiring wealth. Fromrepparttar 122297 time that they were touched by Heaven, they saw a vision and a spiritual purpose that they recognized as being bigger then themselves. They were all merely servants of a divine spirituality. Every single one ofrepparttar 122298 people suffering fromrepparttar 122299 Joan of Arc Complex feels a deep spiritual calling, an obligation to help his fellow man. They were all peacekeepers. They did not require war and battle to change others or to prove themselves. With a quiet calm incredible self-assuredness, they rolled up their sleeves and didrepparttar 122300 work that was spiritually asked of them without concern for their own personal egos. They all have a magical mysterious magnetism about them. They are doingrepparttar 122301 work of Heaven and they do not shy away from saying so.

I've met plenty of real life people that no matter what they're religious beliefs before it happens, once they connect torepparttar 122302 divinity of Heaven, they see a unity of all religions. They are no longer judgmental of such things. They truly understandrepparttar 122303 oneness of all living creatures. They all see how interconnected everything and everyone is. They see how every thought and emotion effectsrepparttar 122304 plants and animals as much as it effects our attitudes towards each other. They say things like, "It's all God, it's all good." Or they'll say, "I seerepparttar 122305 Christ light in you." They all have an open-minded loving nature that transcends everything they do. They have a lightness of spirit about them that makes you want to just sit and be in their presence. They have a quiet knowingness and no longer need to argue or prove their point. They all remind me ofrepparttar 122306 old monks or gurus on top ofrepparttar 122307 mountain of knowledge. They all have a clear vision of who they are and why they are here. They do not apologize for being spiritual nor for being human. They tend to have a sweet childlike sense of humor that never cuts or hurts anyone. They are wise even if not formally educated.

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