What do you want for nuthin'?

Written by Dale Sexton

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What do you want for nuthin'? 2002 by Dale Sexton

Sometimes you have to be willing to take trade offs or make sacrifices. I am using my experience as an example, and you may have a better way to achieverepparttar success I've been seeing.

I signed up for Tucats Ezine Ad Co-op to send free ads to a list of ezines accepting free ads. I knew what I was getting into because my newsletter is part ofrepparttar 101045 co-op.


I knew I would be getting confirmation of subscriptions, solo ads, and monthly, weekly and twice weekly issues to my email address from over 100 newsletters and ezines. It is my trade off to getting my free ad out to over 500,000 readers.

Updates fromrepparttar 101046 Tucats Ad Co-op tell of people who have signed up to take advantage ofrepparttar 101047 free ads, then are mad about being spammed, or didn't realize they would get so much email. Keep in mind, when you sign up for something, you might want to do some reading first. You can't call it spam when you sign up for it.

You can get a free web based email address to use to sign up for multiple ezines, such asrepparttar 101048 one at PageCrafters.net Free Email Service.


By doing this, you keep your personal or business address from being bombarded but two problems arise:

1) You have to constantly clean outrepparttar 101049 mailbox, because some ofrepparttar 101050 ezines will drop you if your email address bounces.

2) You miss out on some good information by not readingrepparttar 101051 ezines. Some of these ezines require you to read them as they contain ad code that must be used to get your weekly ads approved.

This is what I found that works best for me. I use OutLook, but OutLook Express and any other email client can be configured just as easily. Set uprepparttar 101052 rules in OutLook or your favorite email client. In OutLook, go to tools, then rules. In most clients look for tools or options.

What you want to do is set your client up to filter words inrepparttar 101053 subject or body of your emails. You can even filter by 'received from address'. Key words to filter may be 'newsletter', 'ezine' or 'issue'.

I've made a folder I call Mags (short for magazines) to placerepparttar 101054 filtered ezines into. I now haverepparttar 101055 option to read them later or look for ad codes when I'm ready to submit my free ads. Some ofrepparttar 101056 info I've collected is good stuff and I archive it for reference later.

All ofrepparttar 101057 newsletter and ezines you've just subscribed to offer at least one free ad. Most offer weekly ads. Droprepparttar 101058 newsletters you don't wish to continue receiving, but if you takerepparttar 101059 one free ad, have enough netiquette to stay subscribed until your ad is shown. If you drop them before your ad is shown, it may never be shown.

This isrepparttar 101060 hard part. It took me about a week, and still some ezine confirmations came in. Believe me,repparttar 101061 process is worth it. I do get responses to my ads and after I competed this part,repparttar 101062 rest was easy.

"Key Your Internet Ads!"

Written by A.T. Rendon

We all agree that placing ads onrepparttar Internet is an essential and important part ofrepparttar 101044 exposure and promotional process that is so unique to CyberSpace.

There are a great many different locations where you can place ads onrepparttar 101045 Internet. Literally, there are several hundreds of thousands of such FREE Ad sites, and you can find both FREE and Fee based online publications.

We have even set up a web site that links you to almost 12,000 ofrepparttar 101046 more popular sites that are available with almost 100 sites detailed individually to ease posting: http://emailexchange.org/freeads.html

But before you jump into posting ads online, especially if you opt to pay for an ad, you should establish a clear-cut plan to chart your responses.

The only way to chart your responses accurately is to "Key" allrepparttar 101047 ads you place, whether online or in off-line publications.

Once upon a time,repparttar 101048 simplest manner to "Key" any ad was to write, Dept. No. 1234, or whatever number/letter combination you might want to use, and this allowed you to know from where you were receiving your responses.

Whether an ad is FREE or paid for, if you know if it is drawing responses then you can make informed decisions about continuing to place ads at those particular sites or publications.

Afterall, it does not make any sense to keep posting ads in sites or publications where you never receive responses. Such an effort is a complete waste of your valuable time.

Those sites that do work for you can then becomerepparttar 101049 focus of your online ad campaigns.

All it takes is a working "Key" chart.

For those of you that are spendingrepparttar 101050 monthly fees to receive web space, email aliases, etc.,repparttar 101051 solution can be as easy as setting up individual email aliases for each account or each of your different ad sites or publications.

For example, you place an ad at ABC Ads and you "Key" them as abc@whatever.com. or 123@whatever.com, etc. That isrepparttar 101052 beauty of being able to controlrepparttar 101053 "Key".

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