What are your views within the Criminal System?

Written by Dymnpece

CRIME...... Do you think treating a minor more like an adult is tough on crime or ineffectively tough on them?

WHAT ARE YOUR VIEWS......... Do you think part ofrepparttar problem of juvenile crime isrepparttar 119329 Criminal System itself?

JUVENILES...... According to statistics, Juveniles prosecuted in adult courts have a higher rate of recidivism than minors who were tried in juvenile courts, Do you think they should haverepparttar 119330 same rights and responsibilities as adults and are mature enough to understandrepparttar 119331 consequences of there actions?

The best Wat To Drive Targetted Traffic To Your Site For Free

Written by Mark Flavin

Welcome torepparttar first edition of The Online Business Packs Newsletter. Lets get straight to it. Today we are going to look at Traffic generating Techniques for your website. If you dont have a website or product yet you can get them at http://www.nicetodobusiness.com (You Can Also Sign Up For this news letter there)

Todays Leesson...

One ofrepparttar 119328 best ways to attract quality traffic and also improve your search engine ranking is LINKING.

Today you will learn: • Why links are important • What links will bringrepparttar 119329 most traffic to your site • How to getrepparttar 119330 best sites to link to you

Today's lesson is going to be a bit shorter than your lessons Keywords, PPC and Search Engine Optimization. But, don’t think that linking is not as important asrepparttar 119331 other traffic creation techniques - it's just not as complicated.

Why links are important Because: 1) Google's PageRank 2) They are how people find your site

The other day we talked about Google and how to get listed. Today I will tell you why Google isrepparttar 119332 #1 free search engine. Relevance.

Relevance isrepparttar 119333 concept that when you type in a term, Google findsrepparttar 119334 pages that you want to see and lists them first. The pages that Google returns are "relevant" to what you were looking for.

The reason why Google can getrepparttar 119335 most relevant results is their PageRank.

The inventors of Google reasoned that if someone puts a link from their site to yours, they are essentially "voting" forrepparttar 119336 quality of content on your site. The idea is based onrepparttar 119337 fact that people will most likely link to sites that they want their visitors to see - so they are not going to link to junk. The PageRank is a measurement ofrepparttar 119338 links you have coming to your site. But here isrepparttar 119339 brilliance, PageRank not only measures quantity, but it also measuresrepparttar 119340 quality ofrepparttar 119341 links.

Google usesrepparttar 119342 PageRank as a significant factor when ranking your website. Sorepparttar 119343 better PageRank you have,repparttar 119344 higher position you will have for any keyword. Again, there are many other factors involved in determining your exact rank, butrepparttar 119345 PageRank is a big one. It does not take Shirlock Holmes to deduce thatrepparttar 119346 more quality links you have to your site,repparttar 119347 better you will rank for your keywords, andrepparttar 119348 more traf'fic you will get from Google.

But, you can't get just any link - you have to get quality links. Quality links are defined as links from sites that have a PageRank of 3/4 or higher - otherwiserepparttar 119349 link is fairly meaningless.

To find a website's PageRank download & installrepparttar 119350 Google Toolbar (http://toolbar.google.com/).

Now every time you visit a website you will see a green horizontal bar. Place your cursor over this and Google will tell yourepparttar 119351 PageRank of that page on a scale of 0 - 10. The real PageRank is much more accurate than 0-10, but forrepparttar 119352 sake of simplicity they provide this tool.

Another reason why links are important is that links are how people find your website. This may seem obvious - but it is really one ofrepparttar 119353 most powerful ways to draw targeted traf'fic to your site.

Look at it this way- there are billions of other websites. There are many other sites aboutrepparttar 119354 topic that your site covers - and they all have visitors who are interested in your topic. So, it would be very beneficial for you to have a link on those sites - then you can get some of their traffic to come to you.

For example - say that you sell flower seeds - maybe Gerber Daisy seeds. There are already many sites that provide information on flowers and some specifically about Gerber Daisies. They already have visitors who are interested in Gerber Daisies - and I am sure some of them want to b'uy seeds and grow their own. So it would be great if they had a link to your page that sells Gerber Daisy seeds.

Does that make sense to you?

So how do I find sites that will link to me?

Simple: 1) Find sites that have visitors that will want to purchase your product or service 2) Email or Callrepparttar 119355 webmaster and ask for a link exchange

To findrepparttar 119356 best sites just type your keywords into Google and see what sites are ranked highest. If you have pickedrepparttar 119357 "best keywords" (covered in lesson 2) thenrepparttar 119358 people visiting these sites will berepparttar 119359 same ones that want to purchase your product. Just contact them and ask for a link exchange. Some will & some won't - but it only took 1 minute of your time.

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