What are you worth? A practical insight into covering up

Written by Rachel Lane

Almost anything can be insured these days: breasts, legs, your goldfish, your mental health, physical health, your own life, your child’s life. You can insure againstrepparttar bad weather, good weather, political events….

This week in Scotland, triathlon competitors were insured for £1 million in case they were injured byrepparttar 148170 Loch Ness monster according torepparttar 148171 BBC….life insurance perhaps? It would seem that recent rumours of Nessie seeking a more exotic meal of wild venison and exploringrepparttar 148172 loch shores have finally reachedrepparttar 148173 corporate world. ( http://www.lochnesstooth.com/ )

But is Nessierepparttar 148174 real monster in this, what other terrible creatures lie hidden inrepparttar 148175 complexity of insurance documents? The insurance small-print is usuallyrepparttar 148176 last thing most people take to bed to induce a soporific state and who could blame those opting for Dick Francis, Gilly Cooper or Joan Collins?

In terms of personal insurance, there are eight general areas of insurance in whichrepparttar 148177 consumer should be interested: Buildings insurance Contents insurance Life insurance or life assurance Health insurance Family legal protection Pet insurance Travel insurance Car insurance

Buildings insurance covers your property against damage typically caused by fire, flood, subsidence damage, temporary accommodation andrepparttar 148178 cost of replacing broken or lost keys. External buildings inrepparttar 148179 vicinity ofrepparttar 148180 insured property may also be covered, such as sheds and garages. The website, yourable.com which provides insurance information for disabled people, makesrepparttar 148181 statement that building insurance should berepparttar 148182 bare minimum people take out, not only to protectrepparttar 148183 property, but to protectrepparttar 148184 mortgage.

Alongside buildings insurance, contents insurance should also be considered. Contents insurance is frequently packaged with buildings insurance and covers your furniture, equipment and personal belongings against fire, lightning, flooding, theft or vandalism. Accidental damage can be included, but may be sold as an optional extra.

Yourable.com advises thatrepparttar 148185 three main priorities when taking out building (or content) insurance should be: To decide how much cover you want –repparttar 148186 more you want covered,repparttar 148187 higherrepparttar 148188 cost. To decide what excess you’re prepared to pay –repparttar 148189 site advises that in most cases, increasingrepparttar 148190 excess will reducerepparttar 148191 premium To identify any particularly expensive single items in your home, including costly adaptations torepparttar 148192 home To isolate any property which is regularly taken outdoors, as contents insurance may also protect bicycles, money and credit cards etc

Industrial Income Property Financing: Part 3 of 3

Written by Cameron Brown

Welcome torepparttar third and final segment of a three-part series about income property. In this segment we will be discussing financing options for industrial income properties as well asrepparttar 148164 upside (and downside) of owning this type of property.

Financial Concerns

Ofrepparttar 148165 three types of income property, industrial property requiresrepparttar 148166 greatest degree of technical expertise and experience. Likewise, financingrepparttar 148167 acquisition of an industrial income property can be, at best, very risky without adequate planning and know-how.

The first thing to consider is what kind of industrial applicationrepparttar 148168 building will be used for. Not all lenders will fundrepparttar 148169 purchase of all types of industrial income property types. For example, fundingrepparttar 148170 purchase of industrial real estate to be used for petroleum refining is a risky investment for many lenders. Make sure your lender is able to support your income property goals.

LTV rates for most industrial income property loans run at a maximum of 75%, so plan on having a nice pile of investment capital on hand. Industrial loan interest rates can also be a little higher than for other income property types-usually between 5.6% and 7.5%. The 20-year term that comes with most industrial income property loans is fairly typical.

Managerial Concerns

Because ofrepparttar 148171 nature of manufacturing facilities, liability becomes much more important than in residential or commercial income properties. Securingrepparttar 148172 proper type and amount of insurance can help mitigate much ofrepparttar 148173 risk you will take on after you lease your industrial facility.

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