What are you telling your visitors?

Written by Paul Easton

Recently I was out surfingrepparttar search engines, looking for high-ranking sites, on different keywords while doing some work for another company.

While having a look around I also contacted a couple of sites looking for some information about their products. Was I looking to buy? Not right now but I was interested and I did bookmark some web sites to review later.

Atrepparttar 134693 same time I made some judgements about repparttar 134694 sites I was looking at, like:

Would I feel safe buying from this site?

Does it look professional?

Notice I am not saying does it have lovely graphics or suitable content, although this would make a visual impression. Byrepparttar 134695 way you can produce professional graphics for free, in minutes at http://zyris.com

I am looking for easy onrepparttar 134696 eyes, easy to follow information. One ofrepparttar 134697 sites was a programming site for scripts to automate tasks on-line.

Some ofrepparttar 134698 ideas were very good butrepparttar 134699 information was in a newspaper like column style. Ever tried to scroll up and down pages on-line and try to read them? it doesn't work.

Am I saying you need to have a site rofessionally designed and spend a lot of money? No, any home user can produce a professional web site that sells.

What I am saying is copyrepparttar 134700 people who do it right! Like eboz


Lots of free help, easy to read, simple to navigate, low on graphics.

Success Through Superior Design

Written by Micah D. Cranman

Many people fail to understand just how importantrepparttar design of a web site is to your online image. Some simply assume that because they have a great product they'll be automatically successful. But in order to achieve online success, one must have both a wonderful product or service and a great design. This is because people assume that ifrepparttar 134692 web design is unprofessional,repparttar 134693 product is inferior. Just as humans have a tendency to "judge a book by its cover," they also tend to make an association between a business's web site and product.

So, in order to make sure that your web site doesn't express your business inappropriately, here are 10 things you can do:

1 - Lose those banner programs.

Using banner "exchange" programs is like saying torepparttar 134694 world, "I'm a newbie." When people start a web site, they seem to be automatically drawn to sites like LinkExchange or SmartAge. Perhaps it'srepparttar 134695 promise of traffic for free that does it, but knowrepparttar 134696 truth: banner programs, forrepparttar 134697 most part, are worthless when you're just starting out. Avoidrepparttar 134698 temptation to plaster your pages with every banner program you can think of, because it's not going to help you.

2 - Keep your site clean and organized, not "busy!"

Do not, I repeat, do not make your site overwhelmingly "busy." Have you ever visited a site where there were thousands of animated pictures, fluorescent text and colors, crowded pictures, and huge text? Me too. And every time I visit one, I head forrepparttar 134699 "back" button in my browser. Don't run off your visitors without letting them read what you've got to say, or they'll never buy!

3 - Avoid "clip-art" type graphics likerepparttar 134700 plague.

They're totally unprofessional, and scream "don't buy!" Takerepparttar 134701 time to learn how to make your own graphics using whatever program you can get your hands on. We recommend Adobe Photoshop - http://www.adobe.com - if you haverepparttar 134702 money. If you're short on cash, visit Jasc Software to pick up a free demo of Paint Shop Pro - http://www.jasc.com - which is almost as good as Photoshop, but with a MUCH smaller price tag.

4 - Don't talk about yourself!

Sorry, but no one really wants to hear about you. They want to hear about how you can help them andrepparttar 134703 benefits your product or service will provide. Focus on them!

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