What are the most popular new home floorplan features? - Part III

Written by Mark Mathis

#4: Ease-of-Maintenance – The relative time constraints of today’s family unit is at an all-time high. Many families now include two full-time working parents, additional outside work commitments, professional commitments, family commitments, and 2.5 children of varying ages. Time is a extremely precious commodity for which home maintenance is ranked right below doing your taxes and going torepparttar dentist for a root canal.

Today’s homeowners want a home that is, not only, aesthetically pleasing and functional, but also includes modern building materials and design features that utilizerepparttar 145367 most current research developments and minimizerepparttar 145368 amount of maintenance (i.e. cleaning, painting, replacing, etc) needed over time.

One example of these type low-maintenance building materials is hardy board, which is a type of exterior covering similar, in look, to wood siding but made from an extremely durable concrete base. Hardy board/plank isrepparttar 145369 trade name for one brand of concrete fiber siding, however there are numerous other similar brands.

The product does not rot or deteriorate, and with proper installation and maintenance, appears to last for very long periods of time without deterioration. Additionally,repparttar 145370 hardy board siding does need to be painted or re-finished, as any dirt, etc. can simply be washed away with minimal effort.

Have you tried beds like the new style waterbeds?

Written by Hazel Prechtel

Waterbeds are a very popular bedroom option because they provide such a gorgeous sleep and total rest forrepparttar entire slumber. Waterbeds are a revolution in sleeping because as soon as you lie on a waterbed you will notice a big difference from your normal bed. A waterbed feels a lot different from your traditional inner spring mattress style bed.

In any event though,repparttar 145366 waterbeds of today are notrepparttar 145367 wavy, sea sick style waterbeds that you might perceive them as. Waterbeds have changed forrepparttar 145368 better and are now a very popular bedding option. Today's waterbed is totally comfortable and completely shapes your body - structure and size - so that you getrepparttar 145369 optimum slumber. When you lie on a new modern day waterbed you will find it to be so comfortable that you will not want to move. It quite simply is far more luxurious than a standard inner spring bed.

Withrepparttar 145370 recent manufacture of "wave less" waterbeds inrepparttar 145371 bedding industry, people who takerepparttar 145372 bold step of purchasing a waterbed are now receiving a far improved level of sleep allowing them to have more energy and improved health on a daily basis. Bedding manufacturers have responded torepparttar 145373 changing demands of consumers and their feedback has changed bedding options forever.Nights of tossing and turning are long gone. You should note that when you own a waterbed there is some maintenance that is required. However, once you have had a good nights sleep inrepparttar 145374 waterbed, you won't giverepparttar 145375 maintenance a second thought.

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