What are the latest online advertising trends? Check out these one2one streaming media channels…

Written by Vivian W. Y. Lee

Inrepparttar past, we will spend our budget to advertise through banner ads, direct emails, and affiliate programs. However,repparttar 101124 response rate is extremely low in response rates or click-thru rates (CTRs). Sometimes, we will even get as low as 0.03 to 0.05% (the industry average?). With allrepparttar 101125 money you spent, you will only get a slightly better than zero response rate. What can you do to increaserepparttar 101126 values of your advertising dollars?

Today I would like to introduce some ofrepparttar 101127 latest online advertising trends that includerepparttar 101128 coolest and smartest technologies to track your response rates and maximize your advertising dollars.

1. Adsenger -- The Most Powerful 2-Way Media Channel ***** Tired of sending out emails with no results? Check out Adsenger's this powerful 2-way media channel that connects over 290,000 members in more than 199 countries.

Adsenger (http://www.adsenger.com/marketing.asp) isrepparttar 101129 world's only online marketing communication company that promises 100% audience attention. How? Adsenger has a patented 2-way direct media channel that allowsrepparttar 101130 company to send out INSTADs (Instant Text-based Ads) and Flash Ads with a research component. Advertisers can include a feedback question with their Flash animated ads to learn about their online audience's purchasing preference.

With a double-looped incentive model, Adsenger guarantees 100% ad views (or GAVs = Guaranteed Ad Views) and highly targeted lists based on demographics, shopping behaviors, and personal interests.

Instead of paying for CPM, CPC, CPA, or CPP, now you only pay forrepparttar 101131 ads that are viewed by your target audience. Check out their ad gallery for some cool samples http://www.adsenger.com/adgallery.asp

Effective FREE Advertising

Written by Terri Seymour

If you have an online business, you have found that there are numerous ways to advertise on and offrepparttar internet. Some are more effective than others and some are more costly than others. This article will deal with one method that is BOTH free and effective.

I have been ezine publishing for about a year and have found this promotion method to be one ofrepparttar 101123 most effective ways of advertising at no cost. I am talking about ad swapping.

Ad swapping is beneficial in many ways.

*Free Advertising- This isrepparttar 101124 obvious benefit. You get your ad in quality ezines at no cost.

*Building Relationships- You connect with other publishers and form business and sometimes personal relationships, which is a good way of networking you and your business. And making new friends is always a plus!!

*Provide Content for Your Ezine- Many ofrepparttar 101125 ads I get in return are helpful resources, which I need for my ezine. My ad swaps are inserted in either my ezine section or my resource section. Thus, more information and resources for my readers.

If you are having trouble locating other publishers for ad swaps, there are many resources for you to use.

Ad Swap Lists:

http://globeclubs.theglobe.com/clubs/adswappers mailto:Ezine-Ad-Swaps-subscribe@topica.com mailto:AdSwapsforYou-subscribe@egroups.com mailto:swap_it-subscribe@listbot.com mailto:EzineAdSwap-subscribe@topica.com mailto:ezineadexchange-subscribe@topica.com mailto:LB-Ad_Swaps-subscribe@egroups.com

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