What are the Odds?

Written by Terry Dashner

What arerepparttar odds?

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Chet Raymo, an astronomer and science writer who has calculatedrepparttar 105806 odds of our universe resulting, as he believes it did, from sheer chance:

“If, one second afterrepparttar 105807 Big Bang,repparttar 105808 ratio ofrepparttar 105809 density ofrepparttar 105810 universe to its expansion rate had differed from its assumed value by only one part in 1000000000000000 (no my “0” key isn’t stuck. That’s 10 torepparttar 105811 15th power.),repparttar 105812 universe would have either quickly collapsed upon itself or ballooned so rapidly that stars and galaxies could not have condensed fromrepparttar 105813 primal matter… The coin was flipped intorepparttar 105814 air 10 torepparttar 105815 15th power times, and came down on its edge but once. If allrepparttar 105816 grains of sand on allrepparttar 105817 beaches ofrepparttar 105818 Earth were possible universes—that is, universes consistent with laws of physics as we know them—and only one of those grains of sand were a universe that allowed forrepparttar 105819 existence of intelligent life, then that one grain of sand isrepparttar 105820 universe we inhabit.

The author who quoted Mr. Raymo’s statement says that he was asked to producerepparttar 105821 quote one time by a personal friend to Mr. Raymo. States Yancey, in his book entitled Soul Survivor, “One ofrepparttar 105822 physicists asked to seerepparttar 105823 quote by Raymo, whom he knew as a personal friend. He pondered a moment, thinking out loud, ‘Ten torepparttar 105824 fifteenth power, ten torepparttar 105825 fifteenth… let’s see there are [10 torepparttar 105826 22 power] stars inrepparttar 105827 universe—yeah, I can buy that. I’ll take those odds.’”

Speaking of odds, what arerepparttar 105828 odds thatrepparttar 105829 earth should be tilted on its axis 23-and-a-half degrees? To vary either way torepparttar 105830 slightest degree would mean death to life we know. What arerepparttar 105831 odds thatrepparttar 105832 Earth, and it alone in its galaxy, should berepparttar 105833 only planet with an atmosphere and environment capable of sustaining life as we know it? What arerepparttar 105834 odds that we were created by a loving God instead of a tyrant—not to mention that He is a God who is rational, comprehensible, and His creation is subject to verification? What arerepparttar 105835 odds that you and I were created for this time, in our fields of study, in our native countries, in our specific families, in our various colors, in our various cultures, with our various languages?


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