What are algorithms?

Written by Mark Austin

Rather than give yourepparttar literal definition of algorithms I will explain there definition in relation to search engines.

Search engines tend to use software to review and include web sites. Why? Generally because it would cost too much and take too long using humans to review sites. Algorithms are basicallyrepparttar 128407 rules that have been programmed into their software to review your web site. Each search engines has different algorithms which they change on a regular basis. These algorithms are kept secret however it is possible to work out some ofrepparttar 128408 algorithms.

How do you work outrepparttar 128409 current algorithms?

You perform searches onrepparttar 128410 search engines looking atrepparttar 128411 key phrases you are interested in. Visit some ofrepparttar 128412 pages atrepparttar 128413 top ofrepparttar 128414 results and look atrepparttar 128415 structure of their pages. They have obviously passedrepparttar 128416 algorithm tests so you should be able to work out some ofrepparttar 128417 algorithms fromrepparttar 128418 pages they have created.

What do you look out for?

If you use Internet Explorer to surfrepparttar 128419 internet, go torepparttar 128420 VIEW menu and press SOURCE. This will showrepparttar 128421 source code ofrepparttar 128422 page including meta tags.

1.Firstly look atrepparttar 128423 meta keywords for that page. You should findrepparttar 128424 keyword you typed intorepparttar 128425 search engine. 2.Then look atrepparttar 128426 title and description. Is that keyword mentioned inrepparttar 128427 title or description? 3.Then go back to your Internet Explorer browser and check inrepparttar 128428 body text for that keyword. Pay particular attention to: a) whererepparttar 128429 keywords are: i) first few words ii) beginning of document iii) end of document or iv) middle of document. b) how many timesrepparttar 128430 keyword appears onrepparttar 128431 page. c) isrepparttar 128432 keyword part ofrepparttar 128433 domain name for example my domain name is www.bpwebmaster.com and one of my keywords is "webmaster". Now long domain names are available you can even buy domain names with phrases in, such as www.webmastermarketingconsultancy.com and have a phrase of "webmaster marketing consultancy".

Other common algorithms

Do NOT use frames or flash on your home pages. Do NOT use hundreds of keywords. Use phrases rather than just single words becauserepparttar 128434 majority of people type in two words or more when conducting a search. Make surerepparttar 128435 keywords are relevant to that page. Do NOT userepparttar 128436 same keywords throughoutrepparttar 128437 site. Do NOT submit your web site more often than once per month. Do NOT submit more than four pages a week to any one search engine. Do NOT make copies of a page then submit all those copies torepparttar 128438 same search engine. Do make copies of a page and submit to different search engines. (as search engines have different algorithms you may want to create an optimized copy for each search engine, in other words make slight modifications torepparttar 128439 page in order to abide by allrepparttar 128440 algorithms of that search engine. But make sure you only submitrepparttar 128441 one copy of that page, rather than submitting allrepparttar 128442 copies). Do NOT use a free domain or sub domain. Try and get reciprocal links on other sites to your web site. Some search engines are rumored to have algorithms that give a higher position to those linked from other web sites. You could buy another domain name and create a page torepparttar 128443 key pages on your web site. Submit this site torepparttar 128444 search engines andrepparttar 128445 robots should followrepparttar 128446 URLs to those pages.

Is Your Website Search Engine Ready?

Written by Merle

So you've finished your website and think you're ready to submit itrepparttar big-bad search engines? Not so fast Mister. Before submitting there's a few details you're going to want to check to make surerepparttar 128406 search engines index your site correctly. These guidelines are not "magic formulas", but if you pay attention to these details it will helprepparttar 128407 search engines give your site a better and more accurate ranking.

Let's take them one by one:

1) TITLE TAGS- I've seen too many title tags like this index.htm This is a waste of a perfectly good title tag. Make sure you have a descriptive title on every page of your site. You should repeat your most important keyword 2 or 3 times for maximum relevancy, but make surerepparttar 128408 title makes sense and is not just a jumble of keywords. For example if your site was a bike shop a good title might be; "Bicycles for kids and adults browse our online catalog of bikes or choose one of our bike repair services." I think you getrepparttar 128409 idea.

2) KEYWORDS- Placed inside of meta tags which look like this

search engines when looking for a site such as yours. Don't go overboard, less is more in this case. You'll get much better results by concentrating on your most important keywords then by dilutingrepparttar 128411 tag with 50 or 100. Do not repeatrepparttar 128412 same keyword more then 3 or 4 times or you takerepparttar 128413 chance of "offending" some ofrepparttar 128414 search engines. Separate your keywords with commas or spaces, not both. Use upper and lower case and plural versions of your words.

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