What are Prescription Eyeglasses made of?

Written by Timothy Gorman

Prescription eyeglasses are manufactured in a variety of materials. The most basic isrepparttar glass lens. The glass lens is by farrepparttar 146152 best in absorbing ultraviolet light. It comes in several different colors and is, of course, scratch resistant. It is also one ofrepparttar 146153 least expensive. The downfall torepparttar 146154 glass lens isrepparttar 146155 weight of a pair of prescription eyeglasses made of glass. They are also very breakable and have to undergo a heat-treated process to ensure durability.

Another material used to manufacture prescription eyeglasses isrepparttar 146156 High-Index plastic lens. It also absorbs ultra violet light well. This type of lens is much lighter in weight thanrepparttar 146157 glass lens; however, they are also very expensive and can be scratched very easily.

Resin Plastic is another type of material used in manufacturingrepparttar 146158 prescription eyeglass lens. They arerepparttar 146159 lightest of all lenses, but do not offerrepparttar 146160 high level of protection against ultra violet light thatrepparttar 146161 other lenses offer.

Sunglasses and the real reason we should wear them.

Written by Timothy Gorman

Althoughrepparttar majority ofrepparttar 146151 nations people wear sunglasses for fashion reasons, sunglasses were invented to serve as protection forrepparttar 146152 eyes against UV Rays produced by natural sunlight.

There are three different types of Ultra Violet Radiation. The first isrepparttar 146153 UVC rays. These rays are mostly absorbed byrepparttar 146154 upper atmosphere and show us no reason to be concerned with them. Next arerepparttar 146155 UVA rays. The human eye directly absorbsrepparttar 146156 UVA rays, however, there seems to be little or no evidence that these rays cause any type of eye disorders. The last ofrepparttar 146157 ultra Violet Rays isrepparttar 146158 UVB rays and they arerepparttar 146159 most dangerous rays that cause damage torepparttar 146160 eyes. Studies conducted byrepparttar 146161 Sunglass Association show that people who wear sunglasses on a regular basis, were less likely to have cataracts later on in life. When choosing a pair of sunglasses, make sure that they indicate on them that they protect from ultra violet rays. Sunglasses can provide 100% ofrepparttar 146162 Ultra Violet protection that a person needs. If there is any question aboutrepparttar 146163 level of protection that your sunglasses offer, take them to your optometrist and they can put them on a machine that will tell how much Ultra violet rays can be absorbed from your sunglasses.

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