What am I doing with YOU, anyway?

Written by Neva Howell

Why do we chooserepparttar relationships we choose?

Relationship deja vu . . . Do you ever feel like you married your mother? Your father? Your own dark side? Does it feel like deja vu all over again, when you see your Grandmother's stern glare or your brother's bullying stance, overlayrepparttar 131093 face of your partner? Maybe you don't recognize those faces from your past yet. Maybe you are only aware that no one on earth (withrepparttar 131094 exception of members of your immediate family) can push your emotional hot buttons quite as quickly or intensely as your most intimate relationship.

If you look closely, and you are able to short-circuitrepparttar 131095 emotional roller-coaster of action-reaction long enough, you will probably see another face pop out, just like one of those 3-D pictures. The truth, as I see it, is that our most intimate relationships are those that most closely mirror either our own most challenging aspects of personality (the parts of ourselves that we try not to own), and/orrepparttar 131096 aspects of one or more of our core family group. We unconsciously choose these mirrors because our Soul knows that these unresolved issues from our past arerepparttar 131097 very issues that keep us from progressing and growing.

Our closest relationships offer us wonderful opportunities for spiritual growth, sharing, learning and healingrepparttar 131098 past. When two people come together with spiritual awareness that enables them to fully know and expect that each will triggerrepparttar 131099 other into looking at challenges that impede growth and acceleration, and when each is fully committed to healing themselves,repparttar 131100 relationship can be a catalyst for transformation in both. Onrepparttar 131101 other hand, ifrepparttar 131102 ego maintains control, relationships deteriorate into battles of will which can distract both people from their spiritual path for years, or even for life.

Intimate relationships, in particular those involving a commitment of marriage, require a great deal of personal honesty to work torepparttar 131103 highest potential. Since it is difficult for many of us to completely trust another human being, torepparttar 131104 extent that we can allow ourselves to be completely vulnerable,repparttar 131105 relationship becomes a symbol of our relationship to God. I believe thatrepparttar 131106 extent to which we can merge with another is an exact indication ofrepparttar 131107 extent to which we can merge with God. In developing trust, respect, honor, and faith with another human being, we are working out a deeper relationship with Godforce.

Book Summary: EVEolution

Written by Regine P. Azurin

Book Summary: EVEolution

This article is based onrepparttar following book: EVEolution "Understanding Women –Eight Essential Truths that Work in Your Business and Your Life" by Faith Popcorn and Lys Marigold, 2001 Hyperion, New York ISBN 0-7868-6523-7 Paperback ISBN 0-7868-8441-X 272 pages

For any business to survive today, it needs to understand how to market to women. The fact is women make 80% of all purchasing decisions. Women are brand loyalists. Your product or service must address their complex, multiple lives as home managers, home-workers, entrepreneurs, caretakers of elderly parents, and professionals. Build a lasting, meaningful relationship with your female customer. EVEolutionize your business before it’s too late!

Understandrepparttar 131091 eight truths about marketing to women:

1. Connecting your female consumers to each other connects them to your brand. Women need a “backyard fence” to talk to each other. If your brand is marketed in such a way that it connects women to each other as a community, a group, sisters, mothers and daughters and friends, they will embrace your brand into their everyday lives.

The web communities such as iVillage, women.com, and oxygen.com are just a few ofrepparttar 131092 examples of women being linked together. Through EVEolution, and withrepparttar 131093 help of Faith Popcorn’s consultancy firm, BrainReserve, Snackwell’s launched a program of Mother-Daughter workshops acrossrepparttar 131094 US. It bonded mothers and daughters, reinforced repparttar 131095 idea of eating healthy, while nurturing a positive self-image and attitude about food to pre-teen girls.

2. If you’re marketing to one of her lives, you’re missing allrepparttar 131096 others. From home office services, to cameras keeping an eye on her kids at daycare, if your brand markets to her merged professional and personal lives, then you will win her heart. Women need assistance in running allrepparttar 131097 facets of their lives. Appeal to her need for convenience. Give her a solution for her perennial problem of what to fix for dinner tonight. Supply her with support for dog-walking, childcare, telecommuting. Deliver her dry cleaning, diapers, and pizza, run her errands, so she can find more time to just relax at home with her kids. Acknowledge that she thinks about her family while she is at work, and provide her with a service that gives her peace of mind.

3. If she has to ask, it’s too late. Anticipate her needs. Women arerepparttar 131098 same whether it’s personal or work. If her husband doesn’t anticipate what she needs, she may be disappointed in him. If an employer doesn’t anticipate she needs a nursery nearrepparttar 131099 office, and fairer compensation, she may consider another EVEolutionized company that offers more mother-friendly perks.

How to become more Anticipatory than merely Reactive: Women must be in onrepparttar 131100 planning every step ofrepparttar 131101 way. Talk to consumers in ways that inspire innovative thinking.

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