What about those Pyramids?

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

'Mr. Rhodes aspired to berepparttar creator of one of those vast semi-religious, quasi-political associations which, likerepparttar 142068 Jesuits have played so large a part inrepparttar 142069 history ofrepparttar 142070 world. To be more strictly accurate, he wished to found an Order ... and while he lived, he dreamed of being both its Caesar and its Loyola.' - W.T. Stead”

He did it because of what he saw and learned inrepparttar 142071 King's Chamber - we blanche because we have to listen to these nauseating and transparent fluff artists like 'Amazing' Randi. Hawass is a spokesperson for Cayce who was a Mason like his father. The list goes on and on. Is there any better evidence of a total disregard for honest scholarship? It certainly is a confusing array of nefarious intent, as we see it. No we can't possibly do justice

Tips for keeping you home invasion free

Written by Scott Shaper

     Home invasion formerly known as burglary isrepparttar type of crime that you can do something to prevent. Home invasion falls into two categories burglary and robbery. In my book "Crime Awareness 101" I discussrepparttar 141648 differences of both and what you can do. In this article I am going to address preventative steps to protect your home from being unlawfully entered. What is home invasion? Home invasion is where someone enters a dwelling withrepparttar 141649 intent to commit a felony, larceny (theft), or assault. In most cases these criminals look for easy opportunities or in other words look forrepparttar 141650 path of least resistance. In fact it is stated that statistically a home invasion criminal will not atrepparttar 141651 most spend more then two minutes attempting to break into a home. By understanding this, your best defense is to create a path of great resistance. Here some suggestions to securing your home.

     Install deadbolt locks. The downside of deadbolt locks is thatrepparttar 141652 deadbolt goes intorepparttar 141653 wood jam which makes uprepparttar 141654 doorway. Because most doorway jams are only about three quarters of an inch think, andrepparttar 141655 fact thatrepparttar 141656 deadbolt is not long enough to penetrate intorepparttar 141657 stud. A good kick or two and that door is going to fly open splittingrepparttar 141658 door jam. During my time as a Police Officer I had to kick open a few doors and it’s not all that hard to do. The alternative is to get steel jams. The steel jams will not splinter like wood thus making it very difficult to kick inrepparttar 141659 door. I have also had my experiences attempting to kick in a steel jammed door, in which I was unsuccessful. We usually had to use a battering ram, or haverepparttar 141660 Fire Department come and pryrepparttar 141661 door open. This took some time and caused a lot of commotion something a criminal is not going to waste their time doing. Unfortunately installing steel jams on all your exterior doors is a costly proposition. However in researching this article I came across a company that does have an excellent alternative. What they provide is a steel plate called “Strike Master II” it’s about five feet long and easily installs onrepparttar 141662 door jam. It is installed onrepparttar 141663 side ofrepparttar 141664 door jam thatrepparttar 141665 doorknob and deadbolt secure to. By installing their product you in a sense have just created a steel jam but without any ofrepparttar 141666 high cost, or extensive labor. For more information about all their products you can click here.

     Patio doors are another entry way that needs to be secured. Many people do not realize that some patio doors can be lifted up slightly and disengage from their locking mechanism. This is especially true for door walls that are a few years old andrepparttar 141667 jams have expanded. An easy and cheap way to secure a patio door is to put a pole in betweenrepparttar 141668 patio door end andrepparttar 141669 wall. Placerepparttar 141670 pole onrepparttar 141671 track whererepparttar 141672 patio door slides when opening up. This will preventrepparttar 141673 door wall from being opened untilrepparttar 141674 pole is removed. You can use an old broom stick handle or even a board. You want to cut it torepparttar 141675 same length asrepparttar 141676 open track area whenrepparttar 141677 door wall is closed. To keeprepparttar 141678 door from being lifted up and removed you can install a flat headed metal screw intorepparttar 141679 top ofrepparttar 141680 patio door frame one should be about six inches fromrepparttar 141681 edge and one inrepparttar 141682 middle. Make surerepparttar 141683 screw is just aboverepparttar 141684 door so that it will not interfere withrepparttar 141685 door sliding open or close. You can also purchase products which have been specially designed for patio door security such as patio door security bars, patio door pins, and patio door locks, etc… You can find these items at your local hardware store. The same thing goes for your windows make sure they are locked and securedrepparttar 141686 same way.

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