What a Woman Wants

Written by Val K

I get back from work to find a pile of plates parked for me atrepparttar kitchen sink and you, repparttar 136528 quintessential couch potato, could not leave your can of Heineken or favorite soap to clean up,

and you say you don’t want an argument?

That you were laid off is no reason to tick me off!

I have had enough of your self pity.

Go get a life. Go out intorepparttar 136529 sunlight. Shed some weight, why? I want to see a reduction to that waist line.

I want you looking sharp like Pitt, I want you dressed in a tux like Bond.

Where are you currently heading?

Written by Jo Ball

Do you know where your current path is taking you?

Education, religious upbringing, core family beliefs and friend’s values have been shaping your life up to now. You’re busy with life, work, partner, kids and socials and have little or no time to stop and think about where you’re life is heading. In fact sometimes you hear a tiny voice in your head say, ‘I think I’m losing my identity.’

Ninety-four percent of people don’t know where they’re heading. Little wonder then that life seems to go around and around in circles. And unless you take time out it won’t get any better. Twenty years from now you’ll still be working like a dog works when it’s chasing its tail. And that tiny voice… well if you can still hear, it will be saying, ‘I’ve well and truly lost my identity!’

And what is your identity? I say your identity is who you really are, not your job, or your exam results, or your religious persuasion or your family name or your bank balance or how much you do to care for your dependants. No, you’re identity is something else…

You we’re born into this world with a unique gift and a distinctive way of expressing it,repparttar problem is, with so many other influences on you in your youth and adulthood you’ve forgotten what those things are. Now you’re programmed and running a set pattern of behaviour in what I’d call ‘The Existence Mode.’

Your sense of identity in fact has most probably helped form a person who you are not and maybe even don’t like too much (grumpy, often tired, overweight, apathetic…) rather than who you really are. But changing it, after years of shaping you into this person you are now, seems like a task, way, way too massive to even contemplate.

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