What a Career Coach Can or Cannot Do for You

Written by Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A.

What a Career Coach Can or Can't Do for You

I want to start with what I think good career coaches do for people who are looking for new jobs, facing downsizing, ready to retire, but want to work longer, etc. Any category of job seeker is who we want to work with. I'll start with my own definition..

1. Coaches can become friends with you. Friends of a kind that you can tell your secrets to and not fear recrimination or judgement about you and your decisions.

2. Coaches have resources for you. All kinds of resources to give you or ask you to find for yourself. They are: videos, books, websites, people, you name it. These resources are meant to awaken your desire to findrepparttar information that only you need to make a career decision.

4. Coaches guide you towardsrepparttar 107118 decisions you want to make. Most job seekers know what they want, but need confirmation of what they really want to do, regardless of how zanyrepparttar 107119 choices may be. The career coach helpsrepparttar 107120 job hunter make firm decisions.

Ten Tips for Starting a New Job

Written by Alvah Parker

Ten Tips For Starting A New Job

1.Get to know people. First meet those people in your department and then those in departments you interface with. Listen more than you talk. Ask lots of questions and get clarification if necessary so you truly understand howrepparttar office/department/business works.

2.Don’t try to change everything at once. Be open to learning “their” way before you suggest “your” way.

3.Get in synch with your bosses priorities. What are his/her expectations of you? Make sure you are living up to them.

4.Have lunch with different people inrepparttar 107117 organization. Learnrepparttar 107118 “unwritten rules” of your new workplace.

5.Learn aboutrepparttar 107119 culture. Seek out those people who have been there a long time and schedule time to talk with them.

6.Get to knowrepparttar 107120 key players. Seek out people both inside and outside your area who have roles that are critical to your team’s success. Ask for their support and offer yours to them.

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