What Your Daydreams Reveal

Written by Joi Sigers

Let's takerepparttar most common type of daydream first: worry. We all know this one on a first name basis. Your loved one is 15 minutes late and your thoughts run to negativity like a moth to light. If he or she were an hour late, anyone would be concerned, but if 15 minutes is all it takes to call outrepparttar 122166 negativity patrol, it would pay to take a closer look at yourself and why this is so.

Doesrepparttar 122167 above scenario sound a little too familiar to you? If it does, I would almost bet that you've experienced a tragedy in your life that really hit close to home, one that was completely unexpected. Actually, if 15 minutes is an accurate measure, it's safe to say you've endured more than one such disaster. Nothing can bring about insecurities about your present and future quite like your past. (Once bitten, twice shy = once hurt, twice cautious). Sometimes just realizing this will quietrepparttar 122168 fears and negative thoughts.

Next timerepparttar 122169 15 minute mark hits (or any trigger, for that matter), tell your subconcious that you know why it's "going there" and then replacerepparttar 122170 negative, worrisome thoughts with positive ones. Focus on how great it'll be, for example, when he/she does show up!

If you tend to spend a lot of time daydreaming about far away places, you may need a change of scenery. People tend to fantasize a lot about beaches, especially inrepparttar 122171 winter - but before you call for a U-Haul, realize that you probably just need to mix things up a little. Sometimes a trip to a nearby town will dorepparttar 122172 trick. (Take it from someone who lived onrepparttar 122173 beach, even beachcombers fantasize about far away places - snowy mountains and houses with fireplaces are just as enticing!)

Do you tend to think really negative thoughts, just out ofrepparttar 122174 blue? For example, while doing a household chore, do you start imagining worst-case-scenarios? If you answer inrepparttar 122175 affirmative, you're to be commended for realizing it and owning up to it. You certainly aren't alone! This type of daydream indicates that something is missing in your life. While you probably aren't full-fledged depressed (which could be treated with a trip torepparttar 122176 doctor), there is something that you're not getting. Whether it's enough attention or love from your loved ones or appreciation for what you do, there are negative forces around you and they're manifesting themselves in your thoughts. Sometimes it's as simple as feeling bad about yourself: feeling old, unattractive, overweight, etc.

Secrets of Dream Analysis

Written by Joi Sigers

Have you ever written yourself a letter in which you unload your concerns, worries, hopes and deep-felt thoughts? Probably not....thoughrepparttar Dr. Phils of our world would probably applaudrepparttar 122165 practice as deliciously therapeutic inrepparttar 122166 quest for self-awareness!

Each time you enterrepparttar 122167 world of dreams, you are, in essence, writing yourself such a letter. Your subconcious mind, withoutrepparttar 122168 distractions ofrepparttar 122169 day, puts your life, your feelings, your emotions, your hopes and your plans all together. Allrepparttar 122170 insight you could hope for is right there, ripe for analyzing!

Examiningrepparttar 122171 nightly excapades which occur behind your eyelids will give you all ofrepparttar 122172 insight and inspiration you need. Likerepparttar 122173 swallows to Capiatiano, you'll return again and again to your dreams to give yourepparttar 122174 answers you seek.

How can Dream Analysis actually help you?

First of all, it helps to understand that what occurs in our minds when we are fully asleep is reflective ofrepparttar 122175 emotions and thoughts we have while fully awake......granted sometimes they suffer inrepparttar 122176 translation, but our emotions are certainly atrepparttar 122177 root. The basic feelings make their way from our consciousness to our unconsciousness.

The difference is that when we are awake, we are too blamed busy to stop and say, "I'm wrapped tighter than a plus-sized woman in spandex.......I need some down time." We just keep getting after whatever it is that's stressing us out and don't take any time to really look atrepparttar 122178 condition of our psyche.....something that quite often isn't in as good working order as we suspect.

However if you're having particularly troublesome, mad-as-a-hatter dreams, you can discern that you need to take a good long look at your lifestyle. Are you too busy? Are you being pulled in more directions than you can possibly stretch without snapping? Is there something in your life which is more bothersome to you than you gave it credit for? Try to work some time into your day that's all about relaxing, whether it's yoga, golf, walking, reading....whatever you can do that gives your brain a break.

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