What You Should Never Put on Your Resume

Written by Roger Clark

Liars Get Caught! What NOT to Put on Your Resume

"Everybody does it" as they say. Face it,repparttar job market can be a very tough place to compete. If everyone inflates their experience then how can an honest person get a job?

Well, as tempting as it may be, you do NOT want to risk lying on your resume.

Whether it's personal information, job experience, or schooling - employers are finding new ways to sniff out liars and you don't want to be one of them.


While some information may not be easily verified, information such as a criminal record, can be very costly to you inrepparttar 141848 event it is checked out. With sites like rapsheets.com you can never guarantee that an employer won't be able to findrepparttar 141849 information, even if your employer is hiring you for domestic work and is not a business.


Clearly this is notrepparttar 141850 place to boast about fake employment as you are going to listrepparttar 141851 businesses you worked for which may be contacted for verification. As this isrepparttar 141852 most likely area your interviewer will do a check on, avoid misrepresenting yourself at all costs.


Think that nobody will notice if you slip in an education you don't really have? Perhaps you do haverepparttar 141853 skills, but you can't afford to claim education you can't provide proof of. EmployAct.com is a new service that will allow employers to have background checks - similar to criminal or credit checks - to verify your claim.


With all that said and done, how can you create a resume that will highlight your skills and abilities without needing to lie?

Interview Tips - Ten Top Do's & Dont's for Winning Interviews

Written by Roger Clark

In this day and age it can become increasingly difficult to even get your foot inrepparttar door and get an interview; once youíve accomplished that you will want to make sure you continue to put your best foot forward and nailrepparttar 141847 interview as well. Unfortunately, as great as their skills, experience and education are;repparttar 141848 interview is where many people lose a job opportunity to their competition. Understanding what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in an interview are critical to receiving a job offer.

Tip # 1 Dress appropriately. If you donít takerepparttar 141849 time and effort to wear appropriate clothing torepparttar 141850 interview, you will loserepparttar 141851 job before you even get a chance to explain why you arerepparttar 141852 best candidate. What you wear torepparttar 141853 interview will greatly depend uponrepparttar 141854 industry or field for which you are applying. Any office related position will require that you wear clothing that is no more casual than a button up shirt, slacks and tie for men and either a nice slacks/skirt and blouse combo for ladies or a dress/suit. Only under rare circumstances would you need to wear anything more casual and this generally includes fields such as transportation, construction, mechanics, etc. Additionally, clothing should be conservative and preferably reflect neutral tones. Avoid excessive jewelry. Donít go overboard onrepparttar 141855 use of cologne or perfume. Many people suffer from allergies andrepparttar 141856 last thing you want to do is cause your prospective employer an allergy attack.

Tip #2 Go torepparttar 141857 interview alone. There is absolutely no reason for anyone else to attendrepparttar 141858 interview with you and this includes parents, children as well as spouses and significant others. If you are having a friend or relative drive you torepparttar 141859 interview, politely ask them to wait outside for you. If for some reason, you are unable to obtain childcare forrepparttar 141860 time of your interview, phone ahead and politely ask to reschedule. While this is notrepparttar 141861 best way to start off your relationship withrepparttar 141862 employer, it is a much better option than taking your child with you.

Tip #3 Pace your conversation duringrepparttar 141863 interview. There is a fine line between not talking enough and talking too much. Answer questions directly, elaborate when necessary but donít ramble.

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