What You Should Know Before You Hire an Outside Business Development Partner

Written by Justin Hitt, Strategic Relations Consultant, http://www.justinhitt.com/

If your companyís sales are lacking or you are reaching into a new market, outside business development staff could significantly improve your profits. They are cost effective, very profitable, and can easily expand your existing staff. One caution, before you hire this kind of service from anyone, consider these things to help you develop realistic expectations of what they will do for your company.

Outside business development people are not any faster than your existing staff, they are just more profitable because they focus on your strategic products.

They should enhance your existing staff, not replace them, overrepparttar long term, your our people will continue sales to these new customers.

They work for you inrepparttar 127243 best interest ofrepparttar 127244 target customer, do not be surprised if they takerepparttar 127245 prospects side to create win-win situations for both of you.

They should be able to provide insights and have existing relationships in your industry, hands-on experience with your product is a plus while familiarity is necessary.

When it Comes to Business Cards, Vive la France!

Written by Shannon Cherry, APR

Donít letrepparttar small size fool you. A business card is one ofrepparttar 127242 least expensive and most powerful forms of advertising you possess. Your business card is your introduction to potential clients. Itís your opportunity to make an impression with every person you come in contact with. You will most likely need to order 500 or 1000 cards (1000 is much cheaper per card). But what are you supposed to do with 1000 cards?

Business cards donít have to sit on a shelf collecting dust. I suggest taking a page fromrepparttar 127243 French. When I was in Paris, every business had Ė and used Ė business cards. Evenrepparttar 127244 restaurants and bars used them effectively: wait staff presented a business card either withrepparttar 127245 check or directly torepparttar 127246 diners afterrepparttar 127247 check was paid. Itís a simple, effective technique that works because everyone takes them. Userepparttar 127248 same idea for yourself. Think of your business card as a mini billboard for your company; you need it to be seen to make an impact. Depending onrepparttar 127249 type of business, there are several ways to showcase your card. You never know who is going to pick it up and call you, or give it to a friend. Widely-used services can distribute their cards in everyday places. For example, my sister, who runs a manicure business, often puts business cards in places whererepparttar 127250 general public might easily see and pick up her card. She hands out her cards like confetti. She places them on bulletin boards in stores and fast food shops, inside magazines at doctorsí offices and onrepparttar 127251 sink in restrooms. She also has a bulletin board in her salon and encourages customers to post their cards, in return for passing out her cards to others. This last idea can be used, with a variation, for any business. When handing out business cards to an individual, give out three at a time, asking them to distribute them to others they may think might be interested in your business. Dorepparttar 127252 same in return.

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