What You Should Know About Installing Screensavers

Written by Roman Kramar

Do you remember that frustrating feeling when you find an interesting screensaver and can't install it on your computer? This article will help you to never have it again.

Back to when Windows 95 started to find its home on many computers there was just half a dozen of screensavers preinstalled withrepparttar system. All you could do was selecting one of these. It was as simple as boring.

Luckily those times are left behind. Now we have hundreds of screensavers developed throughoutrepparttar 107809 years and available for download. Finding a nice screensaver matching your taste and style can be a hard task. How much disappointing is it when you are unable to installrepparttar 107810 discovery on your computer then? I bet you know.

Often you come across a screensaver with an intriguing description and no screenshots. You are curios to see it in action. But: SLAP! You can't figure outrepparttar 107811 way to make it work on your system and you will never know what you have missed. What a pity! I know.

Well... Enough! Enough of this! There should be a way to make us, screensaver hunters, luckier. Keep reading. There's something that can open a whole new world of screensavers to you.

First, in order to fight this evil, we should find its roots. Why is it so that we haverepparttar 107812 problem? Mainly it's because there are several ways to distribute screensavers:

a) As self-extracting installation packages

b) As ZIPped installation packages

c) As individual .SCR files

The self-extracting packages arerepparttar 107813 easiest to install. You just downloadrepparttar 107814 screensaver and double click it. Thenrepparttar 107815 installation program starts and performs allrepparttar 107816 steps necessary to installrepparttar 107817 screensaver. That is, you have it ready for use just with a few mouse clicks.

You can recognizerepparttar 107818 ZIPped installation packages by their names. They have ".zip" atrepparttar 107819 end. Double clicking such files will probably get you nowhere unless you are well prepared.

The third category is represented by files with names ending with ".scr". Activating such file usually launchesrepparttar 107820 screensaver. That's not bad. At least you can see what it's all about. But this way it won't appear inrepparttar 107821 list of available screensavers thatrepparttar 107822 operating system starts if your computer goes to rest. That is, you have to use a little trick if you likerepparttar 107823 screensaver.

Now thatrepparttar 107824 reason of our problems is a bit more obvious, I almost hear your question. Oncerepparttar 107825 self-extracting packages arerepparttar 107826 easiest to install, why just not to stick with them? Okay, you are right. It makes a perfect sense. But you forget one important thing. Screensavers are created by programmers.

And programmers differ from other computer users in that they see everything from their very specific and technical point of view. It's not a problem for them to extract files from ZIPped packages as they work with them very often. It is rather natural for them to copy files into secret system folders that 80% of users didn't hear about and don't have to.

That's why they create screensavers and put them on download sites inrepparttar 107827 form that is hard to install for you. But don't hurry to blame them. They mostly do it unintentionally, not because they hate people who can't handle ZIP archives or bare screensaver files.

I know it because I am one of them. In fact (my face goes red here) my Rainy Screensaver ( http://www.elasticsystems.com/rainy/ ) was distributed as a ZIPped package until version 1.7. Thanks torepparttar 107828 people who provided me with their feedback. I really don't see any reason to hurt those who use their computers as tools or source of entertainment. These people don't have to know all technical aspects.

I hope more and more screensaver writers will understand this and will make their screensavers easier for you to install. Meanwhile you yourself can getrepparttar 107829 knowledge needed to handle not so friendly installations without a problem. So let's get back to installing ZIPped packages and bare screensaver files.

* ZIPped installation packages

These ".zip" files are known as archives. It is very popular way to spread software and information overrepparttar 107830 net. They let you to "pack" many files into one that is much easier to download. They also use special methods known as compression to reducerepparttar 107831 final size ofrepparttar 107832 packed files and thus save your time and money spent downloading them.

What to Do if You Fall in Love With More Than One Screensaver

Written by Roman Kramar

If you don't know where one screensaver goes when you install another one then this article is for you. Learn aboutrepparttar standard way of switching between installed screensavers and get prepared to a much more convenient one.

It was a great surprise for me to get dozens of emails complaining about what I myself would have never thought of. Many people installed my Rainy Screensaver ( http://www.elasticsystems.com/rainy/ ) and found it quite entertaining. But then they got upset because their previous screensaver was very fun too and now it wouldn't come up anymore.

What has happened to their old screensaver afterrepparttar 107808 installation of another one? Today we will deal with this question.

Probably, many of you will find this information rather obvious. I am really sorry for not being very helpful to this part of my readers this time. But I receive too many emails of described nature. This leaves me withrepparttar 107809 hope that some people will learn something new in their quests for becoming Screensaver Gurus.

Here we go. The root ofrepparttar 107810 problem is that screensaver installation hides many steps happening behindrepparttar 107811 scene. This is very convenient but it's what makesrepparttar 107812 answer to our question not so obvious for many people.

I hope you were following my articles. In Windows Screensavers Explained I told you aboutrepparttar 107813 place where screensavers live in your system. But don't worry if you missed that article. Here'srepparttar 107814 information you need.

Your operating system (and we are talking about Microsoft Windows here) expects to find available screensavers in two folders on your hard drive. These folders are C:Windows and C:WindowsSystem if you use Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows Me. If you have Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Windows XP then these folders are C:WINNT and C:WINNTSystem32. Note that I suppose you system is installed on your hard drive C. If your system is on drive D, you should look into D:Windows. The same goes for other drives.

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