What You Need To Know Before Joining Affiliate Programs

Written by Shelia Garrett

What You Need To Know Before Joining Affiliate Programs @2004 by Shelia Garrett

An affiliate program is a revenue-sharing arrangement, wherebyrepparttar affiliate (you), receive payment fromrepparttar 102368 owner of a product or service that you promote on their behalf. They are also called Associate Programs, Re-seller Programs, Commission or Pay-Per-Sale, Pay-Per-Click and Click-Through Programs.

Affiliates refer surfers to someone else’s product or service, and get paid a “referral fee” or “commission” for every sale that is made. It's a win-win situation! You get extra traffic and sales, and they get a piece ofrepparttar 102369 action for their products being sold.

An affiliate makes a commission that may vary between 5% and 15% ofrepparttar 102370 purchase price. Some programs offer as much as 50%.

There are two types of affiliate programs. They are Single-Tier and Two-Tier. With a single-tier you are paid a commission for any sale that you refer and that’s it. With a two-tier you are paid a small percentage of any sales generated by affiliates that you recruit to join their program. The best tier to join isrepparttar 102371 Two-Tier.

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