What You Need To Know About Pregnancy And Tanning Booths

Written by Sher Matsen

If you are pregnant, there are things you should know about pregnancy and tanning booths. Tanning beds safety while pregnant has become very questionable. A better choice might be to userepparttar sunless tanning spray booth equipment to keep your golden tan.

Initially it was believed thatrepparttar 150987 use of a tanning bed afterrepparttar 150988 first trimester was okay. Duringrepparttar 150989 first trimesterrepparttar 150990 concern was about overheating yourself andrepparttar 150991 baby. However, inrepparttar 150992 past few years health officials are taking a harder stance and are encouraging pregnant women to not userepparttar 150993 tanning bed at all.

You’re pregnant, feeling a little less attractive than you normally would. Well you shouldn’t! Pregnant women look beautiful with a glow that cannot be achieved any other way.

However, if you are a little down and missing that sun-kissed skin of previous years,repparttar 150994 safest tan you can achieve is from a bottle or a booth. The ingredients in self tanners are harmless to you and your baby. So you can get that golden tan without worrying about hurting your baby.

Not only are sunless tanners safe, they’ve come a long way inrepparttar 150995 past few years. No more orange skin or weird uneven finishes. You can choose from spray, lotions, or mousse. Apply evenly and within a few hours you’ll be golden gorgeous!

Although there is no conclusive evidence that a tanning bed will harm your baby, there is plenty of proof that it’s harmful to you. So if its harmful to you it only makes sense it could be harmful to your baby. So error onrepparttar 150996 side of caution and don’t do anything to harm your baby.

Tanning beds have been directly linked to skin cancer. So if you can increase your risk of skin cancer, doctors are becoming concerned that you may also increase your baby’s risk.

One very big concern with direct implications to your baby is “heat”. Lying in a tanning bed raises your body temperature. The increase in body temperature can be hazardous, even deadly to your baby. Studies have shownrepparttar 150997 first trimester to berepparttar 150998 period of highest risk. However, many doctors believe that risk continues throughoutrepparttar 150999 pregnancy.

Beauty Secrets of the Stars

Written by Josh Bernstein, DDS

It comes as no surprise that many ofrepparttar most beautiful and famous people go to great lengths to maintain their youthful appearance. They work out with personal trainers. They go torepparttar 150986 best hair salons and rejuvenating spas. They use exotic skin care products. And they go torepparttar 150987 best cosmetic surgeons.

Cosmetic or plastic surgery can be as simple as a "lunchtime peel" or as involved as a complete face-lift. Botox injections can eliminate "frown lines." Liposuction can reduce excess fat. You can reduce or enlarge just about anything! But there is one beauty secret that is not well known. It beautifiesrepparttar 150988 most looked-at part ofrepparttar 150989 body. It provides dramatic transformations in one visit. It doesn't require surgery. In fact, you can stay awake throughrepparttar 150990 entire procedure. What is it? Cosmetic Dentistry.

While plastic surgery certainly has its place, cosmetic dentistry has its own distinct advantages. It doesn't matter how beautifulrepparttar 150991 rest ofrepparttar 150992 features are, ifrepparttar 150993 teeth are ugly, no one's going to pay much attention torepparttar 150994 rest. Beautifying a smile provides instant gratification. The changes to one's appearance can be incredible! A "smile lift" immediately improves confidence and self-esteem. The recovery time is insignificant. You can eat with it, smile with it, talk with it and kiss with it!

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