What You Must Know About Trampoline Safety

Written by Paul Johnson

Tumbling onrepparttar trampoline caught on like wildfire inrepparttar 150905 early 1960s, and still enjoys great popularity today, butrepparttar 150906 sport also still involvesrepparttar 150907 same potential dangers. Trampolines inrepparttar 150908 last 45 years have gone from being an institutional or recreation center piece of equipment, to something that is found in many homes, in a variety of sizes and quality.

From a simple, round trampoline of relatively small dimensions, torepparttar 150909 large, outdoor models sold for family fun, every trampoline representsrepparttar 150910 possibility of injury, if not used properly, or if used by those not experienced in tumbling or acrobatics.

Here are some simple tips to make your sure that you enjoyrepparttar 150911 fun of a trampoline, while eliminating many ofrepparttar 150912 risks.

* Placement

Never set up even a small, exercise trampoline indoors where there is a risk of hitting light fixtures orrepparttar 150913 ceiling. Outdoors, place trampolines well away from clotheslines, tree limbs, fences, outdoor furniture, and other objects that can cause injury when someone falls off.

If at all possible, secure your trampoline by setting its legs/supports down intorepparttar 150914 ground, thereby reducingrepparttar 150915 distance of a fall. Atrepparttar 150916 same time, it's advisable to provide padding to a depth of 10" or more, for at least 10' aroundrepparttar 150917 trampoline.

* Clothing

Anyone usingrepparttar 150918 trampoline should wear clothing loose enough to allow freedom of movement, but notrepparttar 150919 chance that limbs could become entangled in extra folds. Jewelry should be removed before getting on, as shouldrepparttar 150920 contents of any pockets, and eyeglasses that are not secured by a headband. If you do not have trampoline footwear, then bare feet are best, as socks can cause you to slip.

Top 14 Tips for Selecting A Golf School

Written by Bud Bradley

Withrepparttar increase in number of schools for learning Golf, it has become necessary forrepparttar 150904 learner to find out a school that suits him best from allrepparttar 150905 angles. Here arerepparttar 150906 tips for selecting a Golf School:

1. Whenrepparttar 150907 institute was established and how many members they have. Since when they are into coaching. 2. What type of golf course they have? Is it 18 holes, 22 holes, 27 holes or more? 3. Do they organize tournaments regularly (a lot of learning is possible byrepparttar 150908 learner by simply watching good players)? 4. The school should have sound credentials. If possible, find out from other sources aboutrepparttar 150909 claims they make. 5. Try to getrepparttar 150910 record of accomplishment ofrepparttar 150911 schools by talking to people who either are learning there or have completedrepparttar 150912 training and now practicing there or elsewhere. 6. Get details from other such schools, make your own assessment/comparison and decide. If a school offers any guarantee,repparttar 150913 same should be crosschecked with schools. 7. Find outrepparttar 150914 details ofrepparttar 150915 program they have forrepparttar 150916 learners. What methodology they follow in coachingrepparttar 150917 students. 8. How many students have completed their training and where they are. Have they trained/produced

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