"What You Did Wrong With Your Domain Names!"

Written by Mark Kessler

Trying to improve search engine rankings is just like a rubics cube. A puzzle that can keep you occupied for hours. How many times have you heard "They keep changingrepparttar rules?,Ē andrepparttar 143521 frustrating part is...they don't even tell you whatrepparttar 143522 rules are inrepparttar 143523 first place!

It's a proven fact, in trying to improve search engine rankings, that growing your site thru link popularity, by slowly acquiring incoming quality links, adding small amounts of fresh relevant content on a regular basis, using proper keyword density and placement, along with making your site "sticky" so your visitor's stay longer.

But now, there's something else that you have to know about! (and this is a big but!)

Google is starting to weigh in heavy on domain names. Not what your domain is, or how long you've had it. Google wants to know how long you plan on keeping it, as in, how long is it registered for!

They've begun NOT giving as much consideration to domains registered for just a year, thinking they might be spammers, making a quick hit and then they're out of here. If they see you're registered for 5 years, then you must be a serious business that has planned on being around for quite a long time.

How to improve your websites search engine rankings

Written by Jonathan White

One of your main goals when building a site is to receive a lot of traffic so that you can make some reasonable money out of your website. One ofrepparttar main and best ways of getting more traffic to your site is for you to do some seo (search engine optimization).

There are many things involved when doing seo for your website. Some of these includerepparttar 143441 following:

Designing your website This is a very important thing to consider when doing seo. This is becauserepparttar 143442 better your site is optimised forrepparttar 143443 major search engines,repparttar 143444 better your chance will be of you getting an improved ranking for your chosen keywords withinrepparttar 143445 major search engines. To optimise your site you will need to use metatags, which contains your chosen keywords. You will also need to design your site so that it is not just full of images.

You will need to add some good quality content to your web pages inrepparttar 143446 form of text. When writing text/information for your web pages you must consider using your chosen keywords throughoutrepparttar 143447 content so that it has a good keyword density for your chosen keywords. It would probably be best to aim for a keyword density of around 7% - 9%. If you have a keyword density any higher than this, thenrepparttar 143448 search engines may penalize you for spamming their search engines with your chosen keywords.

The navigation of your site is also very important as when people arrive at your site you will want them to easily be able to navigate through your sites content. If they canít do this then they may leave your site and go to another one, which could even be one of your competitors.

Link Popularity Link popularity is very important in making your website rankings improve. This is becauserepparttar 143449 more sites that link to your siterepparttar 143450 more important your site looks torepparttar 143451 major search engines. But when getting sites to link to yours it is best to make sure that your link is on a page of a site that is based onrepparttar 143452 same topic as your site. Doing it this way will benefit your site much better than you having your links on pages of other sites that has topics that have nothing to do with your sites topic.

So you are probably now wondering how you can get sites linking back to your site. Well there are many ways of doing this. Some of these includerepparttar 143453 following:

1. Doing link exchanges Doing link exchanges with other sites is a good way to increase your sites link popularity.

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