What Will You Tell Your Grandchildren about the “Good Old Days?”

Written by Noel Peebles

When your children or grandchildren ask about “The Good Old Days” and what you were doing inrepparttar first decade ofrepparttar 123872 new century... those times of great prosperity... that “Golden Age Of Opportunity”… “The Greatest Entrepreneurial Boom In History”... what will you tell them? What were you doing? Did you capitalize onrepparttar 123873 wealth that was being created all around you? Will you tell them how you positioned yourself to take advantage ofrepparttar 123874 opportunities that abounded? Or will you explain that you decided not to take part, or how you just missed out? We’ve all looked uponrepparttar 123875 past as being “the good old days”…those times when life seemed so much easier, less complex… when life was slower, safer… and less competitive than what we are faced with today. Those wererepparttar 123876 times whenrepparttar 123877 best opportunities existed… allrepparttar 123878 best opportunities were snapped up years ago… weren’t they? And what aboutrepparttar 123879 little guy in business,repparttar 123880 small entrepreneur… he doesn’t have a chance anymore againstrepparttar 123881 powerful resources and might of those giant international corporate firms… does he (or she)? Don’t believe it! Almost every week without fail someone says to me something like “you were lucky you started inrepparttar 123882 direct marketing business when you did… there were lots of opportunities then…it’s too late now, byrepparttar 123883 time I get startedrepparttar 123884 market will be flooded.”

The Top 10 Helpful Things to Tell Someone Who's in a Difficult Transition

Written by Susan Dunn

1. You're changing, and things around you are changing, butrepparttar Core You is still there.

2. Nothing lasts forever.

3. Think back on allrepparttar 123871 successful transitions you've had -- adolescence, first job, marriage, moving.

4. We don't fear change, we fearrepparttar 123872 unknown.

5. You don't have to make a decision right now.

6. Feel, felt, found. I know how you feel ... I felt that way ... here's what I found.

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