What Whine Goes With Cooked Goose?

Written by Rev. James L. Snyder

Some who know me suggest I might be a wee bit absentminded at times. I prefer to think of it as simply being actively engaged in processing thoughts; givingrepparttar tiny gray cells a good workout. My motto: Don't hate me because I'm thoughtful.

I must admit to a certain aura of preoccupation at times. However, it is not as severe asrepparttar 118096 Gracious Mistress ofrepparttar 118097 Parsonage seems to think. I just have many things on my mind and at times, I am not fully conscious of my immediate surroundings.

I admit it, but I refuse to acceptrepparttar 118098 thought that I am absent-minded. I always know where my mind is and what it is doing.

Of course, I will accede to certain instances where it might appear onrepparttar 118099 surface to resemble absent-mindedness, but appearances can be deceiving.

Case in point. Several times when my wife sent me torepparttar 118100 grocery store aroundrepparttar 118101 corner for a few items (which doesn't happen often, due to what she calls my absentmindedness) I ended up across town not knowing what I was doing there.

I cannot explain this activity, but it is not empirical evidence that I am absent-minded. It's just one of those things that happens every once in a while to a person like me.

Sometimes I will meet a friend, and he or she asks why I did not wave backrepparttar 118102 other day when they saw me. Sheepishly, I admit that I did not see them.

It could happen to anybody.

With this in mind, an incident happened last week bearing explanation.

As it happened, my wife was going to accompany our granddaughter on a school field trip. There was one thing needing attention. Someone needed to pick up our grandson from school that afternoon.

That someone turned out to be me.

In preparation for my "assignment," my wife lectured me onrepparttar 118103 necessity of picking up our grandson by 2:30 that afternoon. "It is extremely important," my wife said to me as I gazed outrepparttar 118104 window, "that he be picked up no later than 2:30."

Then she added something that terribly insulted me. She said, emphatically, "Do you think you can remember to do it?"

As far back as I can remember, my memory has served me quite well, thank you. I could not believe she could believe I would forget something that important. It just goes to show how little some people know some other people. I'm not mentioning any names.

The morning ofrepparttar 118105 field trip arrived and I was in fairly good spirits, as I recollect. As my wife went outrepparttar 118106 door, she threw in my general directionrepparttar 118107 words, "Don't forget to pick up our grandson at 2:30."

I just smiled a smile, telling her I was in complete charge of my agenda.

Queen Shopper for a Day

Written by Joyce C. Lock

Though there was a bit of snow still left onrepparttar ground, it was a bright sunny day. Looking outsiderepparttar 118095 window,repparttar 118096 sun's glow compelled me to draw closer torepparttar 118097 window, to bask in its warmth. Oh, that was so neat! It felt like Spring had arrived!

So, I (this person who vowed to never experiencerepparttar 118098 outdoors until winter had passed) decided to briefly enjoyrepparttar 118099 weather and took off for a quick shopping spree; dressed in apparent Spring apparel, as I like to plan ahead.

Of course, all was decently warm, as I got into my non-heated but sheltered car, parked insiderepparttar 118100 garage. Ok, so it was a little chilly. But, being brave as I am, I knew I could handle it.

Though I forget whatrepparttar 118101 initial temperature read, I'm thinking it might have been inrepparttar 118102 upper thirties (onrepparttar 118103 inside ofrepparttar 118104 garage). Still optimistic, upper 30's wasn't too bad; as long as I didn't stay out doors for very long.

Wow! My kids would be so proud of me, venturing out like this. And hey,repparttar 118105 roads weren't too bad; another sign of it being a warmer day.

My first stop was at Menards, to make a return and to check out any new rebate offers.

As I got out of my car, it seemed a bit more chilly than expected. So, I walked a bit briskly to get inside ... andrepparttar 118106 closest door was plenty good enough for me.

There were only a couple rebate opportunities worth considering. However, Christmas decorations were now 75% off. So, I ventured over to those isles and choose 3 rolls of Christmas wrapping paper that I had previously noticed, and sort of liked; only, I hadn't likedrepparttar 118107 price before.

Then, while going through check out,repparttar 118108 cashier discovered thatrepparttar 118109 price of these rolls had already been reduced 75% and, after inquiry to be certain,repparttar 118110 cashier took another 75% off. So, that made this nicer wrapping paper only 22 cents per roll! Oh, my stars! I had struck gold!

However,repparttar 118111 manager on duty didn't think it would be a good idea for me to return intorepparttar 118112 store, with my already purchased merchandise. And, brave as I was, only once was enough for having to go outdoors again.

So, with receipt in hand, I parked my cart and grabbed another one handy, then returned to Menards' collection of 'left over' Christmas wrapping paper; no doubt 'left over' only because they had originally charged an arm and a leg for these babies. But, spendthrift as I am, I had kept my limbs perfectly in tact.

And of course, with a deal like this and me with nine grandchildren, I was quick to clean Menards out of all their nicer wrapping paper.

Altogether, it was only fifty-one rolls. Sure, some rolls only had 10 ft. of paper on them. Though, I'll have some ofrepparttar 118113 prettiest packages in town; ok, for maybe two, three, or four years. But, hey, who's counting?

As forrepparttar 118114 remaining customers who suddenly leftrepparttar 118115 check out lanes, "Too late, ladies, they're all mine!"

But, as you might have guessed, being that Menards is quite frugal in bagging their merchandise, it was work gettingrepparttar 118116 paper to not fall out ofrepparttar 118117 cart. Fortunately, in my great wisdom and strategic planning, I had parked close torepparttar 118118 exit door.

Now, to facerepparttar 118119 cold. (There is a reason why we call it 'bitter. It actually hurts!) I hurried to get those rolls torepparttar 118120 trunk and only dropped one as I skidded towardrepparttar 118121 car.

Do you know how many times it takes to put fifty-one rolls into a trunk while only picking up three rolls at a time, so not to also have to pick up others offrepparttar 118122 ground? Ok, so you have bigger hands. Well, good for you. I'll let you help, next time.

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