What Were The Good Ole Days Good For?

Written by Sonny Julus

Can you remember much aboutrepparttar good ole days? Mayberepparttar 141859 first question should be: Do you think they really were "the good ole days"? I sure do remember those days and I believe there were many good things about them. Let me tell you why I feelrepparttar 141860 way I do about those days and see if you agree with me. Here are some valuable reasons to consider:

* Crime did not seem to be as rampant and violent.

Now maybe this was not always true where you grew up. But If you lived in small town America it probably was true. It did not dominaterepparttar 141861 daily news then and it was not as brutal either. There usually were not a large number of crimes in those days.

* You could go out at night without fear of being accosted.

I do not remember many incidents when especially women, had to be so fearful when going out in public then. When I think ofrepparttar 141862 neighborhood where I went in those days to pick up my date, I shudder today when I think of it. Because that area now is so crime infested. Not having an automobile in those days, I had to walk several blocks to her house when I got offrepparttar 141863 bus. When I left her house afterrepparttar 141864 date there was no fear to stand onrepparttar 141865 corner late at night to wait for a bus.

* Parents could discipline their children without fear of reprisal

Discipline in most cases then meant a simple word called " NO". And in most cases it was never challenged. If it was,repparttar 141866 next action was usually a "swat onrepparttar 141867 fanny" with a hand, yardstick, or a fly swatter. I do not hear of many parents using this method today, do you?

Sometimes just being told to "sit inrepparttar 141868 corner" or having a privilege taken away from you was enough to remedyrepparttar 141869 problem. Now, do not misunderstand me, I sure do not condone any kind of violence to discipline a child. But swatting a kid onrepparttar 141870 backside with a fly swatter or a yardstick, is that a violent act? Some may think so today. I will not say there were some parents guilty of violent discipline back then but generally that was notrepparttar 141871 case.

* Mothers were more likely to stay home raising children than working

Most mothers then feltrepparttar 141872 responsibility to stay home, at least when children were at an early age. Generally there was not as much of a need for them to earn a second income forrepparttar 141873 family as it is now. If there was a reason they usually found a way to do that while still staying at home. (Taking in washing was common then) My mom worked inrepparttar 141874 family florist business in later years. This was generally during some ofrepparttar 141875 major holidays. But by then my sister and I were old enough to be there, too.

5 master qualities of extraordinary achievers.

Written by Emmanuel Segui

Copyright 2005 Emmanuel Segui

You can be a master achiever by developingrepparttar same qualities of those who seem to achieve more than others. Here are 5 qualities you need to master in order to become a successful person in your chosen field and in your life.

Achievers are creative. Creativity is a fundamental quality of a visionary leader. Creativity is also essential for problem-solving, conflict resolution, crisis and change management.

As they are extensively goal and result oriented, achievers need to come up with many solutions to reach their goals; therefore they need to be more creative than others. An effective method for you to be more creative in problem resolution is:

First, sit down in a comfortable chair and think about allrepparttar 141843 ways to resolverepparttar 141844 problem, even if it may be absurd. This is notrepparttar 141845 time to be critical, butrepparttar 141846 time to think without any judgment. Come up with at least 20 solutions.

The first eight solutions will be obvious;repparttar 141847 second eight solutions will require some effort and therefore creativity. You will see thatrepparttar 141848 last two solutions will berepparttar 141849 hardest to find, butrepparttar 141850 most creative. And they will surely berepparttar 141851 ones that you will stick to.

Second, act out in your headrepparttar 141852 movie of how you would implement each solution. And third, be critical as far as each solution is concerned. This is an effective way to resolve problems used by effective leaders and managers.

Developrepparttar 141853 Habit of Courage. They have developedrepparttar 141854 habit of courage. Courage to wake up earlier and go to bed later. They've developed self-discipline. Self-discipline is astering yourself, your actions, thinking and emotions. They know that in order to become leaders for others, they need to become a leader for themslves first.

It takes courage to have self-discipline but it is learnable. They take action even if it is uncomfortable. They go out of their comfort zone, and go for opportunities. Talk about courage!

An effective method to developrepparttar 141855 habit of courage is to see opportunities to grow and evolve in every challenge you face. Face your fears and learn from them. There is always a positive intention behind every fear you feel.

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