What To Look For in an MLM Opportunity

Written by Joe Bingham

There are a lot of MLM's, and everyone's isrepparttar best, right? So, what aspects of an MLM business arerepparttar 122615 ones that count?


One crucial aspect that many MLM's completely overlook isrepparttar 122616 actual productsrepparttar 122617 business is selling. That's one extreme difference between many MLM's and traditional business, yet should it be?

A lot of MLM companies focus very little on their products. Instead,repparttar 122618 biggest money maker and focus is placed upon referring new recruits. There is nothing wrong with building a large downline and making money this way, but why not focus on strong products as well that will lead to further commissions resulting from your downline sales force? As well, some who do not recruit well may make more sales fromrepparttar 122619 products your business offers. In a recruit only oriented MLM with poor products, you are only stifling your income potential.


With good products, you also have a better recruiting tool. Instead of always throwing outrepparttar 122620 typical ads aboutrepparttar 122621 money making potential of an MLM, use your products to bring in leads.

Front end sales, on good products, will interest many in joining your downline. If you build a good customer base with what you are actually selling, this can become a good base for leads on joining you in business. If they use, recommend, or believe inrepparttar 122622 produces first, they will be more likely to be interested inrepparttar 122623 business for themselves. This will also give you a better reputation and sales record to exhibit to others coming in with interest inrepparttar 122624 MLM side ofrepparttar 122625 business.


Many businesses focus solely on those new torepparttar 122626 Internet and MLM. Others are too complicated or not understood by newbies and are best targeted at those with previous sales experience. However, why not cater to both markets? How much harder would it be to write a different sales page forrepparttar 122627 MLM newbie? It could still lead torepparttar 122628 same system, just offer further explanations, on a separate page, that would borerepparttar 122629 experienced marketer but be beneficial to them.

What Mailorder Publishing Can Teach You About Selling Online!

Written by Larry Stepanowicz

"Affiliate Programs," as they've been dubbed onrepparttar Internet, have actually been around for quite some time. In mailorder publishing we just called them dealerships, but they workedrepparttar 122614 same way. Someone would self publish a book or report, sell it through ads or by direct mail, and often allow others to sell it, for a commission, too. Becoming a dealer for a product sometimes required its purchase at full price, sometimes a fee, or sometimes it was just given away free. All three methods are used online, as well.

Today, those books and reports of by-mail selling have become eBooks and websites,repparttar 122615 camera-ready flyersrepparttar 122616 dealers had printed to promote them have became computer generated affiliate sites, and automatic tracking of credit card payments has replacedrepparttar 122617 cash, checks, and money orders that were sent throughrepparttar 122618 mail. Butrepparttar 122619 story remainsrepparttar 122620 same...

By having many dealers selling his product, a successful mailorder publisher was able to make a lot of money. As forrepparttar 122621 dealers, they were lucky if they could make enough selling it to coverrepparttar 122622 costs of their mailings!

What mailorder dealers needed were products they could sell forrepparttar 122623 small cost of having them printed, because 50% just wasn't enough. But unless a dealer could produce a product of his own, what he had available to him wererepparttar 122624 same schlock reports to which anyone could have reproduction rights by simply purchasingrepparttar 122625 report. Much of this marginally useful material has found its way ontorepparttar 122626 internet where it is given away byrepparttar 122627 diskful, often through affiliate programs!

Inrepparttar 122628 make-money-by-mail circle, most of which is now inrepparttar 122629 past, it wasrepparttar 122630 "prime source" or publisher who won. Inrepparttar 122631 make money-money-online circle, it's stillrepparttar 122632 prime source who wins, though he isn't called that, anymore. The more things change,repparttar 122633 more they stayrepparttar 122634 same!

One thing electronic publishing has made possible isrepparttar 122635 ease with which it can be done -- for practically nothing.

A mailorder publisher had to be willing to take a sizeable risk to get his work intorepparttar 122636 market. Typesetting, printing, and binding cost money. So did print advertising, direct mail, and shipping. But electronically, most anyone can now put together and promote a publication for little or nothing and deliver it free. And most everyone is!

Who fared best as a dealer, offline?

It wasrepparttar 122637 dealer with his own products who could offer someone else's products to his customers in what was called a "bounceback" or "back-end" offer. Any sales made this way didn't cost much becauserepparttar 122638 sales materials forrepparttar 122639 offer "rode along" inrepparttar 122640 fulfillment package to a highly qualified lead. Bounceback orders were almost entirely profit, sincerepparttar 122641 dealer simply forwardedrepparttar 122642 order torepparttar 122643 "prime source" ofrepparttar 122644 product along with his distributor cost, generally 50%, and a shipping label. The prime source, "drop-shipped" his product torepparttar 122645 customer, and everyone was happy.

Today, if you're dealing in online affiliate programs, you probably know they're tough to sell as stand-alones. Why? Because there are many such "opportunities" from which anyone can choose and because there are a lot of people trying to sellrepparttar 122646 very same things torepparttar 122647 same market. In plain English,repparttar 122648 competition is fierce!

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