What To Look For When Purchasing Penis Enlargement Pills

Written by Staggerlee Phillips

What To Look For When Purchasing Penis Enlargement Pills

By Staggerlee Phillips

Summery: One man's shameful experience with having a small penis lead him to research most ofrepparttar products onrepparttar 148202 Internet today and to give his advice on what to look for when purchasing penis enlargement products.

Were you ever mocked, bullied, or made fun of when you were growing up? Suppose you had some physical feature that stood out that caused others to make fun of you? Maybe you thought your nose was too big, or your ears stuck out, or you had big feet, or crooked teeth. The list is endless. However, one thing remainedrepparttar 148203 same: Whatever this physical feature was, others zeroed in on it and with their taunts and mockery, made your life meserable.

With me, my physical defect wasn't readily apparant. I looked like any other normal kid. That is, until I had to undress and get naked inrepparttar 148204 gym locker room, or change clothes atrepparttar 148205 local Y to go swimming. Then, it was there for all to see and poke fun of:

My small penis.

Only those who sufferrepparttar 148206 same as me can fully understandrepparttar 148207 embarrassment and humiliation I felt. Remember that popular movie, Porgys? Rememberrepparttar 148208 guy named Pee Wee? Remember why they called him Pee Wee? Well, that was also my nickname in school. I even got into a couple of fights about it. I was so ashamed and humiliated about my small penis. It got so bad that I seriously thought about quitting school, or asking my parents to send me to another school in a different district.

But how was I going to bring this up to my parents? I couldn't just walk up to them and say, "Hey, Mom, Dad, let's move to another town because I have a small penis and everybody is picking at me because of it." It sounded stupid, and in fact, it was stupid. Why couldn't people just leave me alone?

Already shy and withdrawn, I became even more so. I was a bright kid, but my grades plummented, and my parents didn't know what was wrong with me. I was too ashamed and embarrassed to tell them. I had few friends, and didn't really want any. I just wanted to shrink fromrepparttar 148209 world and become a hermit so that I wouldn't have to be around anybody who would pick on me.

Of course, dating was out ofrepparttar 148210 question when I got older. Most ofrepparttar 148211 girls at my school were also aware of my nickname, and they would sometimes pass me and snicker and say, "There's Pee Wee. You know why he's called that, don't you?" Then they would hold up their little pinky and there would be more laughter, more humiliation. I even thought about suicide.


Written by Steve Hill

Author Stephen Hill http://www.gain-confidence.co.uk http://www.stutter-cure.com http://www.stutter-stuttering.com

Stammering or as it is sometimes known as stuttering is a form of speech impediment.

My name is Stephen Hill and I had a stammer for eighteen years. I went to various types of speech therapy which even though was of some use, never really offered me any hope of a "cure".

Atrepparttar age of twenty two, after a lot of hard work I managed to overcomerepparttar 148201 stammer and I now help other people to achieve fluency.

These arerepparttar 148202 types of situation that I found that I was most likely to stammer: Ordering food and drink at a bar Phone calls Introducing people Meeting new people Talking when under pressure Talking when tired or stressed

On my first day at senior school, all ofrepparttar 148203 first year pupils were shown to their form room, including

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