What To Look For When Picking Out A Carpet

Written by Lee Dobbins

Carpets are available in all styles and colors, but when shopping for carpeting, you should try to buyrepparttar best quality carpet forrepparttar 137633 money. Even if you are on a tight budget, don’t skimp on your carpeting or your carpet pad as quality products will last longer, wear better and even save you money inrepparttar 137634 long run!

Most modern carpets are made from either nylon, polyester or olefin. The nylon isrepparttar 137635 strongest and alsorepparttar 137636 most widely used. While nylon will never actually wear down torepparttar 137637 treads, it can fade and get scrubby looking. Buyingrepparttar 137638 proper padding for your carpet and having it treated with a stain resistant treatment will help it to last longer.

So how do you tell if a rug is of good quality?

One easy test is to look atrepparttar 137639 density ofrepparttar 137640 rug. This meansrepparttar 137641 thickness and closeness ofrepparttar 137642 pile or each strand of fiber. The closerrepparttar 137643 fibers,repparttar 137644 betterrepparttar 137645 quality. Stick your finger intorepparttar 137646 rug or bend it to see if you can feel or seerepparttar 137647 mesh –repparttar 137648 less you can feel or see,repparttar 137649 betterrepparttar 137650 rug! Another factor in a quality rug isrepparttar 137651 twist level orrepparttar 137652 number of twists in 1 inch length of fiber. The more twistsrepparttar 137653 better.

Use Your Floor To Enhance Your Décor

Written by Lee Dobbins

Your flooring is a vital part of your decorating scheme.

You want your floor to blend into your rooms decor and enhance it, not detract from it so you need to put in a flooring that is appropriate torepparttar style ofrepparttar 137632 room. If you have a shabby chic style room, you’ll want soft flooring such as wall to wall in a matching color or oriental style area rugs over hard wood floors – nothing too harsh or sharp inrepparttar 137633 pattern. A modern or retro style might go great with a bold splashy area rug. A contemporary style might look good with a simple rug over hard wood floors.

When selecting flooring, pick out a color and pattern that goes withrepparttar 137634 colors of your furniture, wall coverings and window treatments. In certain designs, a complimentary color looks nice onrepparttar 137635 floor, but you don’t really want it to stand out too much so something that blends is usually best. If you can, take home samples and put them up next torepparttar 137636 walls and furniture to see how it might look.

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