What To Do After Your eBay Auction Closes

Written by Lewis Leake

So your auction closes. Now what?

Hopefully you made a sale or several sales. Nowrepparttar important work begins. Here are some tips on what to do after your eBay auction closes.

Buyer Contact

Once your items have sold, be responsive torepparttar 141290 buyer. Contact them in a quick manner, thank them for their purchase, and providerepparttar 141291 required information for payment.

Professional Wrapping

When you wrap your items, wrap it professionally in nice, clean tissue paper. If breakable, be surerepparttar 141292 item is wrapped with bubble wrap as well. Include a business card with your website information, name, address, or a printed out statement showingrepparttar 141293 items name, items number, price paid, and a small hand-written note thankingrepparttar 141294 buyer for their purchase.


Insurance is usually a good idea but in general, it should be an optional feature, withrepparttar 141295 decision left torepparttar 141296 buyer. Remember two important things about insurance. First, insurance is VERY inexpensive. Therefore, in your description, you should state how much insurance would cost and recommend it. Second, you should also state inrepparttar 141297 description that if insurance is not purchased, you are not responsible for lost or damaged items.

Gorepparttar 141298 Extra Mile

You want every customer to be a happy customer. If you have to do a little more research on shipping, or negotiate on price, remember thatrepparttar 141299 customer isrepparttar 141300 reason you will have success. Therefore, be prepared to gorepparttar 141301 extra mile in providing them with superior service every single time.

Negative Feedback

Unlike other sites that use a feedback system, eBay’s feedback is sacred and taken very seriously. Negative feedback is never removed. Therefore, if you leave negative feedback rather than trying to handle a tough situation between you andrepparttar 141302 seller, this could give you a bad reputation. If people see that you consistently leave negative feedback because your buyer did not pay as quickly as you like or whatever reason, buyers will be leery of buying from you in fear of getting negative feedback themselves should something go wrong.


It is extremely important that you handle your account with integrity. The number of positive comments and amount of stars earned are what will berepparttar 141303 deciding factor for many buyers. Be professional, polite, and stand by what you sell.

E-commerce is booming...will you be part of it?

Written by Stephan L. Choi

What is e-commerce? We hear so many "e" words today; e-mail, e-book, e-trade and more. "E" stands for electronic. E-commerce is conducted overrepparttar Internet, electronically. This might refer to business to business transaction, or purchases consumers make online. If you purchase goods from a website, you are participating in e-commerce. If you sell goods online, this is also e-commerce. E-commerce can also apply to services that are sold or exchanged online.

You may pay for goods and services online with a credit card, an electronic check or a previously established online account such as Paypal. These are sometimes called "cybercash" accounts. When using these cyber-accounts,repparttar 141200 money is transferred from your account torepparttar 141201 other without releasing or revealing any of your personal information such as credit card numbers and bank accounts.

This added security led a lot of people to feel more secure with e-commerce and "secured transactions". The Federal Electronic Signatures Act in 2000 set standards for contracts and forms that are signed electronically. The internet had created a whole new world in which new laws would have to be formed.

The new laws have diminishedrepparttar 141202 problem of online purchase and e-commerce. Retail sales were over 7 million dollars byrepparttar 141203 end of 1990's. An advantage of e-commerce is that we can purchase things and receive them without going torepparttar 141204 store and fighting crowds. There is no need for even dressing up.

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