What To Ask Your Web Designer

Written by Demetria Zinga

If you need a web designer, but have no clue aboutrepparttar typical web design process, I am quite certain that you must be feeling a bit overwhelmed about what to expect. As web designers, we oftentimes have a myriad of roles to fill when working with their clients, but asrepparttar 147896 client, you always have a right to knowrepparttar 147897 complete design process up front. Let’s talk a bit about what questions you may want to ask a potential design firm before they get started on your website.

1.)“How much is this going to cost?” Of course you want to know that! Be surerepparttar 147898 designer gives you a consultation, which allows you a sneak preview on what they will be able to do for YOU. You want your designer to be personal with you, not general. 2.)Your designer needs to knowrepparttar 147899 general PURPOSE of your site. What is your main goal? Who is your audience? Will there be interactivity, collaboration, or e-commerce on your website? You should askrepparttar 147900 designer if he or she hasrepparttar 147901 capabilities of designing a site that would suit your purpose and mission. 3.)Ask for a contract to review. Take a few days to look overrepparttar 147902 contract before signing. 4.)Doesrepparttar 147903 designer ask you what YOU like? Your designer should ask you about your favorite colors onrepparttar 147904 web, what websites you do or don’t like, and why. Also they should make sure they discuss with you any features that you find unappealing and take note of your opinions. 5.)Who will ownrepparttar 147905 copyrights torepparttar 147906 finished product? Make sure you find out whether or not your designer takes full copyrights ofrepparttar 147907 website. Many times designers will also want to use your website designs as part of their portfolio. They should let you know this in advance. 6.)Will your designer also host your site? Make sure you find out how your site will be published and which company will provide your hosting services. How often will you need to make hosting payments and when? Who will secure your domain name, and does this come with hosting?

Website Designs that Work (and Some That Don't!)

Written by Demetria Zinga

Have you seenrepparttar website withrepparttar 147895 black background and navy blue text? Oh, yeah…I’m sure we’ve ALL seen that website, and I hoperepparttar 147896 last time we saw it was 10 years ago when web design was in its infancy. By now, we all know that visual appeal is a must when it comes down to website design, and that NOBODY (and I do mean nobody) wants to stare at a red screen with yellow text and blinking blue dots. A website’s design should be easy onrepparttar 147897 reader. Think of your audience. Think of yourself for a minute! After all, would you want to spend countless hours designing a site whose colors you can’t even stare at for longer than 30 seconds? Remember who your audience is, and think of some colors that will bring them into your website without reservation. 1.For your design elements, think clean, crisp, and appealing. 2.Always use darker text on a light background. If using light text on a dark background, just be aware ofrepparttar 147898 color clash and that this can be harder onrepparttar 147899 eyes. To promote easy visualization of your text, it is better to stick with dark text on a light background. 3.Clutter is very distracting. Try to minimizerepparttar 147900 usage of flash or gif animation, and use only when there is true function and purpose for it 4.Create proper alignment of pictures and text. Text is read better inrepparttar 147901 left alignment as opposed torepparttar 147902 center alignment. Pictures work well with text when left aligned inrepparttar 147903 body ofrepparttar 147904 text. 5.Navigation should be consistent throughout each page. Take advantage of template abilities in programs such as Dreamweaver, to create a structured template and navigation scheme that is consistent for each page of your website. Check to make sure that none of your links are broken. When adding new links torepparttar 147905 navigation, make sure it is added on each page.

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