What Time is It?

Written by Dave Balch

Sometimes you're flying high. Everything is going great! You've finished something that you've been putting off for a long time, or you just got organized, or a big order came in. Don't you just LOVE feeling like that? You are full of energy and those impossible tasks are just sailing off of your desk. You're to-do list is shrinking like a cotton shirt in a dryer.

Onrepparttar other hand, sometimes you're pretty discouraged. "How am I ever going to finish that project? How can I possibly do all ofrepparttar 101849 things that I need to do in order to get to where I want to be?"

Don't you just HATE feeling like THAT? It's hard to move a single piece of paper from one place on your desk torepparttar 101850 other. The easiest things look impossible to do. You are carrying a large stone around your neck and everything is an effort.

I think that most people are like that; highs and lows, ups and downs. Evenrepparttar 101851 most productive people hit a brick wall once in a while and wonder to themselves, "What was I thinking when I took on this project??"

Naturally there can be a zillion reasons why you are down: outside pressures, just lost a big customer or big deal, fight with a family member, illness or accident, etc. What separatesrepparttar 101852 men fromrepparttar 101853 boys, however, is how you deal with it. Sometimes you can help yourself when you're down by asking yourself one simple question: "What time is it?"


That's right! I'm willing to bet that when you go from a high to a low rather quickly it is a function ofrepparttar 101854 time of day. Here's why: when you are tired, everything seems worse than it really is.

How to Stay Balanced During Stressful Situations

Written by Debra Cohen

Often we start to notice ourselves falling into anger, depression, self-pity or other responses to a work or home situation. Here are a few ideas to implement when in a situation where a knee-jerk reaction starts to arise.

Remember it is much easier to nip something inrepparttar bud than to deal with stress after it flowers into physical symptoms or a bad mood. If you get into a funk sometimes it can last for days and it's often hard to break free of it. When you can "catch"repparttar 101848 negative moment beginning you have a great shot at stopping it from taking you down. I've found these helpful for myself as well as my clients:

Breaking out of moods:

1) If you feel a certain "mood" beginning (i.e. depression, anger, discouragement) try to do something physical such as go running, swim, or even clean. It's good to do something that will tune up your nervous and glandular system. We need to breakrepparttar 101849 incarnations that set into our bodies. It is similar to stopping smoking after one cigarette rather than 20 years of smoking. Sometimes if you have a shoe and it is worn out on one side you'll see that if you put your foot in it, it leans in that direction. The mind followsrepparttar 101850 grooves it previously was tracing out. We haverepparttar 101851 power to "changerepparttar 101852 channel" and watch a different movie.

2) There are two breathing exercises from yoga that are very helpful to cultivate a neutral mind. One is called "Alternate nostril breathing" andrepparttar 101853 other is called "Breath of Fire". These are explained in detail inrepparttar 101854 booklet I wrote. You can also learn these from a yoga class or video or write: mailto:yogabreathing@sendfree.com

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