What Should You Do If Your Home Isnít Selling?

Written by Neda Dabestani-Ryba

What Should You Do If Your Home Isnít Selling?

By Neda Dabestani-Ryba Prudential Carruthers REALTORS

It can be very frustrating to put your home onrepparttar market, expecting a fast sale, only to find that after six months youíre still waiting for an offer. What can you do? First, determine if itís a result of timing. You may have started worrying too soon. If it has been only a month and you havenít gotten a bite, not to worry. The time a home stays onrepparttar 150435 market is related torepparttar 150436 marketís strength, which varies regionally. According to The 2003 National Association of REALTORSģ Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, two-thirds of all homes sold inrepparttar 150437 United States in 2003 sold within two month, withrepparttar 150438 average sale taking place within five weeks. However, homes inrepparttar 150439 Northeast and West sold slightly faster (four weeks) than those inrepparttar 150440 Midwest and South (five weeks). Of course, other factors may be responsible for your home not selling. Inaccurate pricing. A house priced at market value piquesrepparttar 150441 interest of real estate professionals and buyers, while overpricing chases them away. Even ifrepparttar 150442 seller adjustsrepparttar 150443 price later, itís difficult to recapture peopleís interest. Because itís only natural to overestimaterepparttar 150444 value of oneís home, homesellers should depend on factual reference points, such as an appraisal and comparables (Comparable Market Analysis or CMA) to help estimate market value. Real estate professionals prepare comparables by examining similar properties that recently sold in a neighborhood. This practice isrepparttar 150445 best way to arrive at a realistic asking price. Insufficient exposure. If youíre selling your home on your own, you may want to consider using a real estate professional. As reported inrepparttar 150446 previously mentioned NAR study, buyers were most likely to learn aboutrepparttar 150447 home they purchased through a real estate professional. Sales professionals develop comprehensive marketing strategies to sell a home. They generally use open houses, yard signs, MLS, newspaper ads,repparttar 150448 Internet and brochures to give a property maximum exposure. Limited interest and thinly attended open houses may indicate a need for more exposure.

Marketing Your Business Online

Written by Amanda Vlahakis

Marketing Your Business Online As a business you canít afford to ignorerepparttar Internet Age; in 2002 there was an estimated 605 million people online aroundrepparttar 150418 entire globe, today this is estimated at over a billion users worldwide.

By usingrepparttar 150419 Internet to market your business an entire world of potential customers are opened up for you, rather than just your local town, city, or country.

Some Facts:

ē According to Forrester Research Inc approximately £2.5 billion worth of goods and services were sold online to US and European customers in 1998, more than doublerepparttar 150420 1997 figure.

ē Inrepparttar 150421 last six months more than a third of households have made a purchase online, this is double last yearís figures Ė Forrester anticipate this will reach 40% of households by 2009.

ē In 2004repparttar 150422 top 400 retailers totalled online sales of around £25 billion, inrepparttar 150423 US this accounted for over 58% of all retail sales.

ē Online sales grow by 25% each year.

ē Over 40 million potential customers usedrepparttar 150424 Internet last year seeking out local information; even if your focus is onrepparttar 150425 local market, you still need to be usingrepparttar 150426 Internet to make sales.

Every day customer confidence in online shopping soars; this is relevant to you as a business whether you sell to consumers or business to business.

Having a website isnít just about having a Ďpresenceí onrepparttar 150427 Internet any longer - just so that you can show that you are a legitimate business, itís about connecting with customers viarepparttar 150428 Internet, and making sales directly from your presence onrepparttar 150429 Internet, because believe it or not most of your potential customers are highly receptive to this.

If you donít have a website yet and have been in business longer than six months, something is very wrong with your marketing strategy - and if you do have a website but arenít using this as a portal to gain Internet custom in addition to your offline marketing, again, something is very wrong with your marketing strategy. Some Reasons Why You Absolutely Need a Website

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