What SPAM Means: "Stupid People Annoying Me"

Written by Darren Miller

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What SPAM Means: "Stupid People Annoying Me"



What SPAM Means: "Stupid People Annoying Me"

English, German, Italian - It's All SPAM To Me


Has anyone else noticedrepparttar 139544 sudden blast of unsolicited e-mail (spam) loaded with url's forrepparttar 139545 unsuspecting and curious Internet surfer to click on?

What's even better,repparttar 139546 bulk of this SPAM is in a foreign language. I was at a neighborhood party this weekend and you can't imaginerepparttar 139547 number of people who asked me for assistance with this. They have no idea what to do.

The sad fact is there are a lot of Stupid People who have nothing better to do and can't seem to find a better way of making a buck than Annoying Me and everyone else subject to their stupidity with spam. I guess that's a little harsh. Not really.

How Does The Average Person Deal With This


I wrote in a previous article how bad a feel forrepparttar 139548 average person having to deal with such things. It is increasingly becoming a nightmare for all to deal with. Forrepparttar 139549 technical among us, it's not as bad given that we deal with such things on a technical level almost everyday.

Given this current flood of SPAM I thought I would post an article I wrote quite some time ago. It's a short article, and may be old news for some, but I can tell you that many people still don't followrepparttar 139550 basic's when dealing with SPAM.

How You May Be Helping Spammers


I can't imagine that anyone with an e-mail address has not received unsolicited e-mail or spam in one form or another. What do you do when you receive these types of e-mails. Do you delete them right away, respond to them informing repparttar 139551 sender you do not wish to receive them, or forward them to a friend whom you think might be interested inrepparttar 139552 information?

Whenrepparttar 139553 Internet as we know it was very young and most unsolicited e-mails where either by accident orrepparttar 139554 result of opt-in subscriptions, you could respond withrepparttar 139555 word "unsubscribe" inrepparttar 139556 reply subject and your name was taken offrepparttar 139557 list. That quickly changed once people found out how powerful a marketing tool e-mail was. Now, most ofrepparttar 139558 time you respond to unsolicited e-mails you are lettingrepparttar 139559 sender know that your e-mail address is active or alive. Instead of being taken offrepparttar 139560 list you are targeted more aggressively. The sender ofrepparttar 139561 e-mail may also sell your e-mail address to other e-marketers, substantially increasingrepparttar 139562 number of unsolicited e-mails your receive.

WHow Do Spammers Get My E-mail Address

Delivering Your Email Newsletter

Written by Robert F. Abbott

After creating your email newsletter, you facerepparttar challenge of delivery. With a printed newsletter, there’s usually only one method of widespread distribution:repparttar 139147 post office.

Fortunately, though, publishers of email newsletters have several choices. Let’s now work our way through this small jungle, and try to remember that although these choices force us to do extra research, they also give us many more options than we have with printed newsletters.

The first choice is between manual and automated mail management. The manual approach is how many, if not most, email newsletters get started. And, it’s a good system as long asrepparttar 139148 mailing list remains small, say something less than 100 or 200 names (depending on how efficient you are at managing your email program). You can do this with an email program like Outlook Express or Eudora.

But, if your list is growing, you’ll soon grow impatient withrepparttar 139149 amount of time it takes to manually add and remove subscribers, as well as to sendrepparttar 139150 newsletter. For example, you might need to divide your list into parts, and send out a series of mailings rather than just one, to keeprepparttar 139151 size down.

That’s when it’s time to check outrepparttar 139152 automated approach, using mailing list managers. These programs and services come in several forms. Byrepparttar 139153 way -- and you’ll need to know this when you go looking for an automated service --repparttar 139154 difference between an announcement list and a discussion list.

An announcement list is essentially one way, which takes in most regular newsletters, or ezines. You arerepparttar 139155 only person allowed to send a message torepparttar 139156 people who have subscribed. You’re also probablyrepparttar 139157 only person who knowsrepparttar 139158 email addresses ofrepparttar 139159 subscribers.

However, if you want to make it interactive, with recipients allowed to post contributions, as well as receive them, then you need a discussion list. For most of us, though, an announcement list isrepparttar 139160 best starting point for a newsletter.

Now, if you have chosen to automate, you need to decide whether you want to do it yourself, or have someone else do it for you. If you plan to do it yourself, then you need a dedicated mailing list program. A couple of well-known providers are Dada Mail and MailLoop. To find other mailing programs, enterrepparttar 139161 phrase “mailing software” (with or withoutrepparttar 139162 quotation marks) in a search engine.

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