What Not To Wear When Doing A TV Interview

Written by Joanne Mallon

Your first TV appearance will be a very exciting experience, and youíll probably spend hours carefully preparing what you want to say. Youíll also very likely spend much time preparing what to wear. This is a vital part ofrepparttar process because TV is primarily a visual medium and how you look is an important part ofrepparttar 134887 package. So, to save you some time, here arerepparttar 134888 rules:

∑ Donít wear all black. Youíll look as though youíre disappearing into a hole. This often throws women into a panic, as we loverepparttar 134889 slimming properties of black, particularly when TV will probably make you look slightly heavier than you are in real life. Black trousers or skirt will normally be fine as a filmed interview will generally concentrate on your top half, but do go for a colour on top if you can.

∑ Donít wear all white. It makes TV lights bounce back and youíll look as though you just descended fromrepparttar 134890 heavens on a cloud.

∑ Donít wear anything with a very small pattern such as pin-stripes, tweed or polka dots. Again, it has a strange effect on TV lights known as strobing. Men should avoid pinstripe shirts Ė bring a change of clothes if youíre not sure.

∑ No visible logos of companies or brands (watch out for this particularly on sportswear) as this may be regarded as advertising. You may be asked to change if a logo is too obvious.

∑ Avoid buying a new outfitrepparttar 134891 day before and acting as if youíre going to a job interview. If you feel too stiff and formal in your clothes this will affect how you express yourself.

∑ If you canít decide what to wear, bring a change of clothes Ė plenty of people do and it can be a good idea if your original choice turns out to be unsuitable.

∑ Ask if there are any colours you should avoid wearing. This can happen if they clash withrepparttar 134892 set, or if an effect called ChromaKey is to be used Ė this isrepparttar 134893 effect which is used asrepparttar 134894 basis of some special effects, where a particular colour is replaced by pictures. The usual colours affected by this are green and blue (this is why itís commonly known as blue screen effects). So if you were in a studio where this effect was being used and you happened to be wearing a blue tie, you could look as if you had a big hole inrepparttar 134895 middle of your body, which will probably not enhance your corporate image.

Ask Mr. D - Offline Advertising

Written by Bill Daugherty

Dear Mr. D,

I operate an online gift shop. Withrepparttar holidays coming, I would to do some offline advertising. But, I have checkedrepparttar 124509 ad rates for my local newspapers, radio stations and TV station and all their prices are astronomical.

My question is do you know of any effective offline advertising resources that don't cost an arm and a leg?


Sharon in Houston


Dear Sharon in Houston,

Offline advertising can a very effective way to promote any web business, but as you discovered, it is very expense.

However I know a couple of very savvy online business people that use a low tech form of offline advertising that works very well and doesn't cost much.

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