What No Golf Bag Should Be Without

Written by James S

Whether you are a golf pro or a rookie trying your best to learnrepparttar tricks ofrepparttar 143249 trade, golf can be a very difficult sport to learn. Withoutrepparttar 143250 right equipment, becoming an expert golfer may be nearly impossible. So before you hitrepparttar 143251 fairway, here are a few pieces of equipment you may want to ensure you have in your golf bag:

Drivers- Drivers are wood golf clubs (although they are called "wood" many now have metal heads) which are used to shootrepparttar 143252 ball long distances. This club is usually used forrepparttar 143253 tee-shot since it isrepparttar 143254 furthest shot fromrepparttar 143255 hole.

Wedges- Wedges are metal clubs used to liftrepparttar 143256 ball as opposed to shooting it far distances. These would be used for high shots ontorepparttar 143257 green, perhaps to get out of a bunker.

Putters- A putter is a golf club which is used for short distances and accuracy. Once you are onrepparttar 143258 green and fairly close torepparttar 143259 hole,repparttar 143260 putter isrepparttar 143261 best club in order to makerepparttar 143262 shot.

Tees- Every golfer needs tees in their bag. A tee is a small wedge which is inserted intorepparttar 143263 ground forrepparttar 143264 ball to sit on. The tee elevatesrepparttar 143265 golf ball and makes it easier to hit. Tees are intended to be used onrepparttar 143266 first shot of a hole.

Golf Balls- A golf ball is a small, hard ball which is dimpled in order to reduce wind resistance. It is impossible to play a game of golf without a golf ball and to assume you will only need one for a whole game is slightly conceited. Evenrepparttar 143267 best golf player inrepparttar 143268 world will lose their ball onrepparttar 143269 course at some point, so it's important to make sure you have back-ups. Most golfers like to keep anywhere from 3 to 9 extra balls in their bag, just in case.

Women's Golf Equality

Written by James S

Women have been trying for years to be viewed as equal competition for men, especially in sports. Unfortunately, society fails to measure women's abilities onrepparttar same scale as men's abilities. Golf is one of few sports that show great potential for women and men to compete onrepparttar 143248 same level. Recently, there have been many developments inrepparttar 143249 world of women's golf.

Women's golf has been become extremely popular overrepparttar 143250 past few years and there are currently as many professional women golfers as there are men. Golf equipment companies have also recognizedrepparttar 143251 amount of women interested inrepparttar 143252 sport and have customized many pieces of golf equipment including golf clubs, drivers and golf bags to be more comfortable for women. You can also have your own golf equipment custom-made; making golfing more comfortable and efficient for women since men's clubs were often to big. These are just a few ofrepparttar 143253 steps which have been taken to welcome women intorepparttar 143254 world of golf and ensure that they are comfortable and treated as equally as possible.

Women's golf associations such asrepparttar 143255 LPGA have also contributed torepparttar 143256 popularity of women's golf and given womenrepparttar 143257 respect they deserve. Women golfers are now featured in Golf Digest magazine, Golf for Women and a number of other magazines dedicated strictly to women's golf. Videos and TV shows are also contributing torepparttar 143258 popularity of this sport and giving womenrepparttar 143259 "drive" they need to pursue careers in this field.

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