What Network Marketing is NOT

Written by Daegan Smith

There are so many misconceptions flying around out there about what network marketing is or is not. Let's take a few seconds to review what network marketing is NOT.

Network Marketing is NOT an Illegal Pyramid scheme

Pyramid schemes and network marketing are notrepparttar same thing in any way shape or form. A pyramid schemes is illegal and network marketing is not. Pyramid schemes are illegal financial engines where there are no products or services being sold. Pyramid schemes are just an opportunity to redistribute money from one person to another.

Network marketing onrepparttar 151129 other hand is a legal business model where real and legitimate products and services are distributed between large networks of customers.

Network Marketing is NOT a way to get rich quick

Although some may advertise certain network marketing opportunities with a get in now and be rich in 5 minutes type hype that never happens. If you ever hear of someone getting into a network marketing opportunity and having immediate success it's because they had some sort of prior experience that set them up for that success. In general it takes 5 - 7 years of committed business building to get those large checks that so many of use out there want. If you want to get rich network marketing can definitely help you make that happen, but I assure you it's not going to be as quick as you think.

Network Marketing is NOT just for salespeople

Network Marketing is Nothing but a Scheme!

Written by Daegan Smith

When you say network marketing immediatelyrepparttar main stream public thinks negative things, but truly network marketing is a neutral entity. It's not good or bad it's just a business model.

What gives network marketing its bad name to many is both simple and ironic. You see, network marketing is a form of business that anybody with dreams of grandeur can try their hand at.


It only cost $50 a few $1000 to get started.

Most people that start a network marketing business have no experience in business. Their eyes get bigger than their wallet and they go over board onrepparttar 151128 product and advertising side of things before they learnrepparttar 151129 fundamentals ofrepparttar 151130 business.

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