What Marketing-Minded Financial Planners Say to Get Free Publicity

Written by Ned Steele

You can have dozens of marvelous ideas to get free publicity, but nothing will happen unless you pick uprepparttar phone and call a reporter.

Here's whererepparttar 144452 publicity game gets interesting for marketing-minded financial planners. Youíve been tracking reporters Ė you know who covers your topics. Youíve been tracking Topic Aís and trends affecting your market. Youíre ready!

When you call a reporter, youíre going to say something like:

"Hi, Bob. Iím Stephanie Smart, and I am a financial planning consultant in town. I see you cover mutual funds, and I thought you might be interested in this.

Did you know that about two-thirds of my clients lately have been asking me for help with pickingrepparttar 144453 right index fund? Itís a fascinating switch from what Iíve been seeing inrepparttar 144454 past."

Financial Planners, Why Advertise When Free Publicity and Marketing Is Better?

Written by Ned Steele

Commit this to memory, please: To get inrepparttar media, being good is good enough.

You donít need to be perfect, or evenrepparttar 144451 best in your profession. Thereís no elaborate entrance exam or competition to determine who gets media coverage.

The prize goes to those professionals who are competent or better, and who understand how to playrepparttar 144452 publicity game.

I have absolutely nothing against advertising as a means of getting exposure and a wider audience. In many cases, itís just what you need, and deserves a spot in your marketing mix.

But (have you noticed?) it is expensive, isnít it? And, inrepparttar 144453 end, itís still you saying youíre great, which isnít as good as them saying it. I just think of it this way:

Advertising Ė buys you visibility Publicity Ė earns you credibility

Sure, youíre good. But, letís face it. So are many of your financial planning peers and competitors. But you can berepparttar 144454 one who gets intorepparttar 144455 media. Because you knew how to get a reporterís attention.

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