What Killed the Banner Ad?

Written by Lauri Harpf

If you askrepparttar Internet marketers of today, many if not most of them will tell you that banner advertising is dead. They say that it's expensive,repparttar 101062 click-through rates are low and that unless you know exactly what you're doing, it is likely that you'll end up spending more money than you'll make.

Surprisingly, just a few years agorepparttar 101063 same people were rushing to invest their money in banner advertising campaigns. In those happy days,repparttar 101064 click-through rates were at least ten times as high as they are now. What has happened? Hasrepparttar 101065 audience become more resistant to Internet advertising in general? Or perhapsrepparttar 101066 whole concept of banner advertising has become obsolete and we'll need to think of new ways of reaching people?

Perhaps, perhaps. There is certainly at least some truth to these claims, but they are hardlyrepparttar 101067 only reasons behindrepparttar 101068 current crisis. Personally, I think that those responsible for planningrepparttar 101069 banner advertising campaigns are largely to blame for what has happened. The difference betweenrepparttar 101070 successful banner advertising of yesterday andrepparttar 101071 pathetic banner advertising of today is vanity.

Vanity? Sounds odd, but you'll only need to look atrepparttar 101072 banners displayed on a few popular sites to see what I mean. They have a nice-looking background, a beautiful picture or two, a professionally-designed logo, smooth animation and bright, pleasant colors. In a nutshell, those banners are works of art and that is exactly why they perform so badly.

More marketing, less graphics =============================

Unless you are trying to brand your business, your main focus should not be on what your banners look like. Pay attention to how many sales you make and how high your ROI is, forgetrepparttar 101073 aesthetics.

Some readers may be worried that such an approach might damage their reputation inrepparttar 101074 eyes ofrepparttar 101075 consumers. Unlessrepparttar 101076 ads look good, they might affectrepparttar 101077 company's brand negatively. Large, well-known businesses definitely should worry about that, but if you're a small business, you shouldn't over-emphasiserepparttar 101078 importance of branding. You've probably seen hundreds or thousands banners inrepparttar 101079 past weeks, but can you remember what even twenty of them looked like and what company or product they were advertising?

Without any further ado, here are some tips on how to make your banners look worse but perform better:

Media Tactics: Getting Your Ads Where They Need To Go

Written by Kahlia Hannah

Every week I get an email from someone who says that no matter how great their ad copy, they just don't seem to be getting results. More often than not,repparttar problem lies inrepparttar 101061 whererepparttar 101062 ads are being placed.

All forms of media have their own particular advantages, but with those advantages come disadvantages. By knowing just whatrepparttar 101063 pros and cons for these mediums are, you can get a better grasp onrepparttar 101064 best place for your ads.

Radio, for example, is a very intimate type of media. Many people that listen torepparttar 101065 radio are in their cars on a long commute or at home listening while they accomplish some other task. Keep in mind that they could very easily reach over and turn off your message with a flick ofrepparttar 101066 wrist. The ad should grabrepparttar 101067 listener's attention and make them feel like you are on a one to one level.

Advertising inrepparttar 101068 newspaper can bring some great prospects-- but try advertising outside ofrepparttar 101069 classifieds section for a change. Ask yourself why people readrepparttar 101070 newspaper. For news of course! This means your ad should be abrupt, in your face, and concise.

Although many people consider magazine advertising to be onrepparttar 101071 same level as newspaper advertising, it's really quite a different story. Most magazines are specialized to a specific interest and therefore involverepparttar 101072 actual reader more than a newspaper does. Also, people tend to spend much more time with a magazine than with a newspaper, mulling overrepparttar 101073 articles and pages. Your ad, too, can pullrepparttar 101074 reader in, if it fitsrepparttar 101075 mood and tone ofrepparttar 101076 magazine.

Television is a great medium for advertising if your product is something that needs demonstration. Television combines pictures, colors, words and action which can all be important ways to entice your audience. Once you target your potential customer base, you can figure out which time slots work best for your needs.

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